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Lvl 15 looking for an active alliance


I’m a Portugal-based lvl 15 player. I’m an active player, but haven’t been as active in the game as I once was since my current alliance is pretty much dead, but I’d like to make things fun again - hence why i’m seeking a new alliance. I’m currently at 2905 trophies, and will donate whenever I can!

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hello. come to my discord


Wait for patch 1.8 :smile:


Consider “Lords of Jurassic World”. We’re international alliance and very active. Consistently hitting rank5 exploration and rank4 defence. Already completed rank5 exploration and rank4 defence for current week. If you’re interested then message me.


LOL XD so true


Our alliance: Jurassic Mundo Vivit is a really friendly alliance with lots of players that play a lot with high trophy count. We have an active discord and lots of friendly chat.

We reformed our alliance to remove players who do not play and in our first week we are close to level 5 exploration and hit level 4 defense yesterday. Given half our alliance couldn’t play for a day due to the 1.7 update with android issue and setting up new players this is a good achievement.

You or anyone who plays a good amount and donated dna is more than welcome to join us. I donate max dna to pretty much every request.