Lvl 20 4k rating looking for an active 5/4 guild

Hi there,
As the title says, I’m looking for a new home! I play daily and contribute actively. In game name: Schamaani

Hey , got 1 spot open , hit me up with your tag asap, and ill make sure it’s yours :+1::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We have a vacancy aswell if you are interested?

We are a 5/4 alliance and starting to work towards one day being 5/5. We hit 4/3 this week after 2 days so are fairly good.

Multi national alliance and loads of people are happy to do friendlies. PM me if you are interested and I can set you up now.

Any questions please ask

JWA Suriname.
Strategical, helpful, flexible. Keywords to 5/4 alliance JWA Suriname. We believe in helping each other and work together as a team. Joining our Messenger group is obligatory; we have different channels for CHAT an UPDATES.
We give rewards to top contributors on difficult and/or crucial missions: full bar on any request. Lower level players (L10+) get extra encouragement and support.
Send me a PM with username and suffix (#0000) if you’re active and interested, we’ll have some spots opening up right now.

I would be interested in joining, I’m 3000+, level 13 and I have KiK, LINE, Messenger, and Discord available to communicate, my username is Dracocerat and my ID is 5295, I am VERY active