Lvl 20 daily player looking for new alliance

I’m looking to join an alliance that does well in the tourneys my current half does not care at all. Skill tourneys I average over 1500 trophies adv 1000
I can also be good for raids have a level 29 toura. For arena usually around 5500 trophies. Please lemme know if you have a spot open

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Hey dude come join spitters United. We’re looking to improve our allaince and get better players. We are active and do raids. We also have a discord if you ever want to join us for raids and communicate

We were an allaince for newer players but we have more experience players and the newer players have stopped playing so they get kicked

this is a picture of our top players. I understand if you do t want to join but hey if you want to we’re open

Hey there! We have a couple spots open in Grand Theft Lythronax. We hit 10/9 on missions, tier 8 on tournies, lots of people to raid with, 3 level 20 sancs (but are planning on more) We’d love to have you.

I don’t have the best alliance but if your interested in a relaxing alliance with no restrictions this is your spot.

(we also offer an optional discord)

Dinosaur warriors United has space, and we are booting the 2 players that did not complete their takedowns this week. We require tournament participation and 10 takedowns for all players, and we reach tier 8 rewards for the alliance championship. we also have 3 level 20 sanc. and weekly missions are7-8/9-10. you can DM me on discord as well Fruitloopone#7867

Thanks all I managed to find a new alliance!