Lvl 20 highly active player seeking a new alliance

Hello everyone, im from the US

Im seeking a new alliance.
Extremely active, ive established a Discord server for my current alliance but not getting any traction in the group.
Looking for a group with highly active members, participants for all raids, has a Discord that is used for coordination, active in tournaments, weekly incubators, and sanctuary common sense.

If anyone has any groups with an open slot or three. I am looking for a spot for at least myself and i have two other friends that are active that could potentially come with me if they meet the standards of the alliance.

Please send me any info if you are interested.

Hi RtStun,

We have an opening!! We are a tier 8/9 active alliance!! You can read more about us here

Best would be if you can discord me and we can talk further (lordofgamers2528#3067)


I’m part of an active alliance called “Welcome 2 Jurassic Park”.

We are all active members and we do regular raids.

If this is something you’re looking for, feel free to request.

Thank you.

Hello did you find your alliance? I can offer 10/10 and T8+ tournaments
With 4 lvl 20 sanctuaries
And can take you and your 2 friends also
Contact on discord richmall1973#5621

Feel free to join us. The alliance name is “Welcome 2 Jurassic Park”.