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Lvl 20


Finally reached max player level this is what I’ve got left it’s an uphill climb but beginning to feel like I’m getting there!!!


I m 20 soon and this is what I have left


Congratulations! You’re a Master Darter. Now let the game begin.
What are your objectives; to catch 'em all, or develop an awesome team?


I am level 20 and I am still missing 18 creatures … but most of it is because I do not want to fusion them (gigaspikasour, nodopatotitan, megalosuchus,…) and the other big part is what I want but I will never be able to fusion (Trykosauro, Utarinex, …).



Catch them all then slowly make an A team up to lvl 30

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How come you dont have diplodocus?
She was in the event last year!


I skipped it, knowing I’d get the dna to unlock it from the tournament.

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