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Lvl 24 Suchotator or Lvl 21 Erlikospyx?

Since we live in a boost meta, make a decision to drop a dino and place another is harder than before…

i have a lvl 23 suchotator ready to lvl up to 24. boost 5-5-5.

and about one (if lucky) or two weeks of dna work to unlock erlikospyx.

since both are very hard to level up more (erliko 3 ingredients hard to get and much chances of 10-fuses, and sucho needs billions of ingredients because of this high level), i must consider for now these levels (24 and 21).

i can boost erlikospyx to 5-5-5 too…

spyx would be better? seems good, but very low health. sucho is much more health this lvl to survive while opp bleeds… but spyx has that 75% distract, same bleed, very fast, precise 2x damage…

how do you use spyx most? 75% distract then bleed?

The question is how much swap in damage does most DC you face do? Can you get Spyx’s HP higher than that? Otherwise it’s just rat fodder before you can even do anything.

And whether you distract or bleed really depends on what you’re facing I think. With Tryko, Monostego, and Dio I would bleed. Erlidom and Magna if you are faster than use Rampage, if you aren’t faster then maybe try mss. I would def try some friendlies and see how it works with your style of play and the rest of your team.

It’s also one of the true rat counters at the same level/boosts.


I have a lvl 24 that could go to 25 Sucho and benched it. I am at about 4700 and it was always pretty much a trade with Sucho. While I don’t have the DNA for Erli yet I have faced a few and they are tough. I would put my money there honestly. My sucho might do better with some serious speed boosts, but Erli seems to have some advantages in my opinion.

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how sad is it that the use of dinos is determined by DC swapping in


mmm… friendly battles showed me magna doesn’t have a role in my current team.

I’ll do same with spyx then. first trade with sucho hehe. intense friendlies to learn use it.

i was wondering when someone would start with 75% distract if this leads to loose 1 bleed turn anyway. like: immunes = rampage or speedup; non-immunes = bleed. looking for scenarios where you use distract.

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I cant be sure - sorry, but from past use of Sucho it would appear that the initial bleed hit did partial damage, the bleed did full damage however,

Use distract against chompers. I have the worst time with late game Spyx against my Thor or Tryko. Distract and then bleed so they can’t kill you before they bleed out.

It is sad, but unfortunately something we have to think about when putting a new Dino on the team. I’m facing DC with 2121 base damage so anything with less than 4200 HP is vulnerable.

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i hear you. i just came across one with 4700 health.

rat is not a prob for me… at least at trophy range i am. i really prefer to be ratted, it means an easier dino to counter, and one monster less to worry about in a battle. opponents without rat use to be harder to beat for me.

rats at the level i face would one shot most of your team i think, if your average is around lvl 24

I like my tier 4/5/4 boosted Elrikospyx. I do not really use him to bleed though unless I’m intentionally letting him die with the next attack, so the play style is much different than suchotator.

His health is not high enough to give up distracting for a tick of bleed: distract first, rampage, then either speed up or bleed. Speed up puts you in a good position to use your rampage again on the next opponent followed by another distract or bleed depending on health.

That said, spyx is a poor starter because starters tend to be faster or hard enough hitting that makes him rat bait, he is much better for revenge killing.

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some of you would use both in a team? :scream: