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LVL 25 Indoraptor at 3.7k trophies?!


I’m at 3.7k trophies and battled this guy

Then he swooped into this

This is his team

Cheater orr?
There’s no way anyone at 3.7k could even dent his team


You might want to black out their name, or you could get in trouble.

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He has 3720 trophies why isn’t he much higher up away from our LVL 19/20 legendaries


That’s not their name it’s their alliance which they are leader of


going down in arena for specific dna (end of tournament so it is time to not care about trophies :D)

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I had this one at 4900. Started with the 28 Tryko. I just put the phone down and started a game of go fish with my son.