Lvl 26 crap

Ok am speaking for myself my opinion but I worked hard spent real money countless hrs to build up and boost my Dino’s, for ludia to force me to use lvl 26 only on some tournaments! I believe all tournaments should be run what u got no matter if rare, epic, legendary whatever. We are the players we spent money and time but ludia tells us what to use to that’s not right, I know will disagree with me and that’s ok why I say my opinion

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I like that there is a balance. They have advantage tournaments for those of us that prefer to spend our resources on those. Skills tournaments allow all players to have a chance to earn good rewards.


Yeah. Agree totaly.

Rules always change with this game.

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We’ve always had a split between Skill and Advantage tournaments, they appeal to all players this way, and correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s their game, they’re allowed to place restrictions


I knew that someone would complain about balanced tournaments one day.


Skill tournaments have been there since their introduction, nothing has changed.

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Oh yeah, cancel the little players who can only do well in the skill tournaments, why not


We have all been there we all had to climb up the ladder

And never liked it

Am sure am not first not last it’s s minor thing but my opinion this lil bugs me, I still do it but I don’t prefer it am not speaking for anyone

Yes exactly- that’s what I’m doing- but right now I do best in the skill tournaments. It would be unfair to steal that opportunity from smaller players. This would also mean that most alliances would gain much less cups at the end of each tournament.


I’ll be the first to admit and you can ask any of my alliance mates, but I absolutely hate skills tourneys. With a passion. I get my 10 and get the heck out most of the time. But I love advantage tourneys and do well in them for the most part. But just because I hate skills tournaments, that doesn’t mean it should be taken away from everyone that does enjoy it and that does well in them. Not every player has been here from the beginning, and I know players at the top of Shores who still don’t have advantage creatures they can play with. The balance is good.


Same I win one loose win another loose 4 I do my 10
Then out, other tournaments that have no lvl restrictions I go balls out

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Again run what u got when I first started after second day of game launch I did tournaments and did what I could , now lvl 30 on 15 Dino’s maxed out I hang with the rest

Also do not like skill tournaments. Too much RNG / speed ties. And everybody is running the same teams.

I am fine with having them in the game, but would be glad if the rewards would change more often. Currently mainly the skill tournamends do offer good rewards (boosts, cash, coins) while advantage only gives out useless DNA

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I’m not much of a fan of skill tournaments for the same reasons that have been mentioned here. Give me an advantage tournament every time. I find them a lot more fun and enjoyable. You get more variety among teams you face and I find it balances out a lot better. But, different events are good for different players. Keeps things interesting.

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Guess I’m in the minority, as I prefer Skill tournaments over advantage tournaments. Speed ties are a pain but at least you still have a chance as opposed to facing maxed out Epics, Legendaries and/or Uniques without any of those of your own.


As much as I love advantage tournaments more than skill tournaments I would have to disagree. Skill tournaments give every player a even chance to get good rewards while advantage tournaments gives those that ben working on their teams a advantage over ones who don’t.
Perhaps what Ludia should do is switch up the rewards rather than the same things every-time (Skill Tourneys give out the AC creature DNA while advantages give out coins, boosts and HC.)


Level 26 tournaments is a good place to try out new creatures before you spend countless weeks and months leveling them to find they aren’t as good as you thought.


Skill tournaments allow lower level players to compete with higher level players so it’s well about skill, not about what you have