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Lvl 30 Erlikospyx already?


How is it possible that multiple members of Apex Predators have level 30 Erlikospyx less than 18 hours since the 1.7 update came out???

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Everyone with level 30 dinos are cheaters…Didn’t you know. That’s how you can tell, dino level.


It’s obvious cheating…I had a ton of baronyx gen 2, erlikosaurus gen 2, etc DNA and I’m barely at creation of the unique.

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Everyone who has been playing this game since beta has that dino already. Theirs are higher level as they play more and open more incubators. And you obviously didn’t have a ton of it if you couldn’t even create it.

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I’ve been playing this game since day 1 and play multiple hours every day. BS on having it since ‘beta’ and opening up more incubators to get the specific DNA needed to get to lvl 30 already.


Interesting observation, if I remember right, Baryonyx Gen 2 is exclusive, and leveling up lv30 Erlikospyx needs 60000+ DNA of Baryonyx Gen 2.


OK. You go ahead and call them cheaters…Good luck with that…Bye bye.

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Except most of them where posting they had the dna the same day patch notes hit… bary gen 2 has been in an absurd high amount of my arena incs since i started playing.


Could I be a cheater with my lv30?

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Nobody is saying you’re a cheater if you have a level 30 Dino. It’s having a level 30 unique Dino less than 18 hours after update was released…


And yet it happens every update…and like i said some of them were posting screenshots of huge amounts of the dna required in the thread with the patch notes so no surprise their…

The most effecient way to obtain irritator dna is to speed through incs… you know what you get when you do that… tons of other stuff like bary gen 2.

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Am I a cheater? I had puratautus within a MINUTE of the update, I only got lucky with RNG.
I guess they got lucky with fuses on Spinon, and lucky on Spyx.
Wow I’ve already got nicknames for them!

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Wow. Lvl 30 tarbo near lvl 30 Thor that is literally my goal lol.


Literally do it for myself.
Hopefully could gain lv30 Thor in this week.

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After seeing this, I felt compelled to clarify this.

Mine is only 22 but I know many players are not even able to create it.

Some of our esteemed members are more dedicated and committed than your average and above average players so the dna they have amassed usually shocks others (including me).

They can be called insane, crazy and many other things but… cheaters they are not. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is extremely strange.

Rare DNA was capped at 50000 it was impossible to level it up to lvl 30! You need around 80000 to have it!

Mind telling us how? @practicekat


You go over the cap if you obtain dna from a purchase… ie speed up an incubator… so regardless of cap any dna obtained from speeding up incubators is kept.


Baryonyx was featured in week 34 - the Fallen Kingdom one. It was the only rare with Carno meaning you were insured to hit it if you bought incubators. By buying all the incubators of this week (rares, epics, premium) you can easily amass additional thousands of it and if I’m not mistaken you can still hit it with luck in the regular rares with enough hard cash (tournaments, tapjoy, daily reward, purchase). In addition there is the dna coming from the speed up battle incubators. You are welcome

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Managed to get mine to L22 with the DNA I had stored up; I have seen up to L25 in my alliance - certainly possible.

Edit: I remember someone else calling out a member of AP as a cheat - think it was @Marktheshark; he provided a detailed explanation of how he did it - totally legit and an epic grind. ApexPredators, redefining the possible :slight_smile:

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