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Lvl 30 Postimetrodon Epic Strike Event Guide


Here’s the Metahub guide for the epic strike today. Hopefully it won’t give too many people trouble, if you’ve been beating epic strikes before. This one seems much easier than some of the others were.

Lemme know how you did!


Probably one of the easiest. My indo got in two hits, no crits, and it was down to 6xx health. Just needed something faster than it to finish it off. :man_shrugging:

I was soo nervous it was going to regenerate… kinda surprised/grateful it didn’t :grimacing: :battery: :grin:

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wheres your guide, hersh? metahub’s cloudflare is down, again.

@MNBrian is our tower guide extraordinaire … no way I could fill those shoes.

Haha, I just post videos of me living dangerously and trying super hard not to pay $200 for an unnecessary rematch :sweat_smile:

(Stay tuned for a few articles from me this week tho!)

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This really is one of the easiest epic towers, I got lucky with my rewards and ended up getting Sino and Rex for my epics which allowed me to finally make Erlidom :grin:


i can’t seem to perform his third step!

Hmmm :thinking: I can pull up the site with and without admin status…

Try turning your phone on and off again? :man_shrugging:t4:

There’s a server side issue for a lot of websites right now… including Discord

Let’s wait for them to turn their servers on and off again?? :man_shrugging:t4: :man_shrugging:t4:

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I’m probably able to do it, but I got stupidly unlucky and Indominus failed to dodge twice in a row, and got killed. Then I had nothing else.

My plan was to take a chunk out with Indominus, switch to something else and do as much as I can, then either go to Rexy for then kill or back to Indominus, depends on the Cooldown for Regenerate.

Went speed route, utasinoraptor up first, got 2 hits in before dying, spinotasuchus cleaned up (stegodeus & indoraptor in reserve in case a regeneration occurred) went for chunky damage rather than nullify approach given only 1 dino to kill so glass cannons are OK for dino 1 & 2

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Killed it with just a lvl 20 Pyrirritator , got lucky with a crit.,boom!

Nullifying guys make it easy. He cant ever get his big hit in. Either that or guys faster than him that will get 2 solid shots in.

Did it with lvl 18 Deinocheirus and Tany. Started with Deino in case if Posti would crit on first shot. Tany nullified it and finished it with APS.
Posted video in @Hersh Gameplay thread.

I did it with lvl 18 diplotator lvl 14 gold trex

Easiest strike yet. I was stressing over the damage input and which raptors would make it when I realized that my level 18 Pyrri had enough health to take the damage (without a crit of course). So I use R2c when Posti used FS, and my Rampage move critted with just over 4100 damage. YAASSS QUEEEEN!

I didn’t want to risk regeneration, so I pulled up a dino, then swapped to Draco G2 just to be safe xD

Easiest win ever xD

Used 19 Suchotator to Nullify right away and got a pretty good hit in and also removed Posti’s damage buff. Suchotator being slower didn’t get a chance to hit a second time and got killed in Round 2. Came in with the 20 Irex next and cloaked. The cloak held through the next two hits so when I hit Posti with that big IRex hit he was dead instantly.

I had my Allosinosaurus and Monostegotops prepared to go if it became necessary.

I did it on my sons lvl 7 account. 11 Blue, 11 Brachi, 6 Draco 2, 11 Pyro. Blue crit when I started off with the shield giving the extra damage I needed to take it down.


That’s awesome! I forget about blue’s shield sometimes. I remember trying these epic strike towers at a lower level and they were brutal. Happy to hear others have been able to complete it.


Blue was @Hersh’s idea. I would have totally overlooked her.

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