Lvl 30 stegoceratops vs monostegotops

who will win if they meet??

A mother and child reunion! :heart_eyes: Everyone wins.


You’re awesome @mizz_wrecks :joy:


How is anything with these shapes on its head a mother? :joy:

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if mother has two great stuns…she may kill her son ??

I may not offer much dna, experience or clout to an alliance but I’m mildly entertaining and enthusiastic!


It’s hard to say. Monostego is faster, it can do 4.5x damage to Stegocera before stegocera can pull off a stun. Stegocera will barely survive, but don’t forget monostego has 20% crit chance, if one of those three hits crits, monostego will win. If monostego doesn’t crit and stegocera lands the stun, stegocera will win.


seems not a bad idea to put both ceratopses on the team…

i found at the same level, now monostego (after the buff) can kill quite a number of uniques including: indoraptor, diloracheirus, perhaps erlidominus(1500 X 4 X 0.7=4200) and tuoramoloch ( doesn’t have armor)

Even stegod may lose to these two ceratops, Losing Armor piercing makes stegod’s DPS much lower against them (25% and 30% armor).

stegodeus now no speed, no cleanse, no attack…almost several creatures have counter attack can break the shield…


a good strategy for this tournament seems to be adopting ceratopses + bleeders + uniques

You had me at mildly entertaining :joy::+1:

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I would xd