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Lvl 5 Steg faster than my lvl 23 Stegodeus? Give me back the levels I had before!

As title says it’s a joke since last update. I have a lvl 24 einiosuchus which now had half the health points than before update.

Well ya makes sense stego is always been faster so idk what that’s about level doesn’t determine speed. And ya eniosu really got nerfed but I think it was fair since its components are a frail croc and the second weakest ceratopsian so it shouldn’t be amazing.

What’s the point of levelling up then ? The stat boosts were also removed to encourage levelling up so by inference a lvl 23 dino should be faster, healthier and stronger than lower levels. I just don’t understand this game anymore

if we are talking about boosts, they are now meant to be a cosmetic option rather than a straight power gain. In all honesty, its a lot healthier for the game. It encourages experimentation with team building and Ludia won’t have to keep adding power creep on new dinos. The players get to make the game interesting with different dino builds.

With the reset, we get back to the roots of the game, going out and leveling creatures. Boosts won’t be the straw that decides a battle anymore, at least not as much. It will be on level, and how well rounded your team build is.

Well it should okay if you asking why a level 23 stego god is slower than its non hybrid counterpart then it’s just that way but if your asking why ur higher level one is slower than a lower level then maybe he or she has just boosted it up so basically level doesn’t matter

Ya it is for as much as I hate boost I have got to admittedly they sometimes help and allow for crazy and odd teams to exists now if they can Only learn to cap and distribute them more efficiently than ya it be a great system but the way it is now it’s just messy and lazy

Yeah. It’s currently a mess again. It will take a while to even out. but I am seeing some interesting builds. saw a lv 28 boosted velo in aviary.

Lol ya faced one the other day literally two shot with my stego god

Although I would like to go back to the old days before 1.7


So you’d want a level 10 Apatosaurus to be faster than a level 1 Velociraptor?

Your level limits how much you can boost your dino. A higher level dino can be boosted to be much more powerful than if it hadn’t been levelled up. That’s the point of levelling.
This does not mean that any boosted high-level dino will always have higher health, damage and speed than any other low level dino. You’d have to do the math to find out, factoring in the number of boost tiers and the creatures’ base stats. Looks to me like you skipped this step.

Your Stegod is so many levels above that Stegosaurus that you could outspeed it, if you put a lot of boosts into its speed. But that probably wouldn’t be a good idea, because Stegod’s main asset is it’s health, and secondly it’s damage. It would do much better to boost those.

Not sure if that’s the case with 14x, 15x speed dinos in the game now.


No, but stegadeus is a hybrid of the steg so in cases like this I would expect there to be an improvement on the primary dino especially as they say you can only get start boosts when you level up. What’s the point of stat boosts anymore ???

Well thanks for the helpful answer NOT!!! Go back to your gaming hole public life is not for you :joy:


Not sure what are you complaining :

  1. Stats of Hybrids is not a total upgrade of their components ;
  2. They reset the stat boost ?

Stegodeus is also a hybrid of slowest dino in game (Apato), so why should be faster than Stego? Stegodeus also have 10% more armor than Stego. Armored creatures are heavy so can’t run very fast. Maybe Stego is too fast with 20% armor, but still should be faster than Stegodeus that has Apato dna and 30% armor.

That argument has absolutely nothing to do stat boosts or the update.
It’s a creative choice. Hybrids aren’t necessarily going to be faster than their ingredients. Sure, in some cases Ludia has made it that way, but there aren’t really any hard and fast rules. Ludia will do what they will. You either like it or you don’t.
After all, would you suggest Indominus rex be faster than Velociraptor? Hybrids do improve on their ingredients, but in different ways. In your case, Stegod is more heavily-armoured, does more damage and can also put up shields.

And you don’t get stat boosts only when you level up. That’s just not true, and it appears you have misunderstood some of the details of the new update.

You get stat boosts by buying them in the store, or winning them through events and arena incubators. You use them to increase your creatures’ stats, as always. That’s the point of stat boosts.
You can boost each stat up to tier 20, but the only thing stopping deep-pocketed players from boosting everything to tier 20 is the boost limit.
For example, a level 23 Stegod can only be boosted by 23 tiers. If you level it up to 24, you can then boost it up to 24 tiers.
This encourages levelling. This also means that you had a massive advantage over that level 5 Stego, which could only be boosted by 5 tiers.

Now that wasn’t necessary. I didn’t say anything about money or their current value. Just what they are supposed to be now, a cosmetic enhancement, not a straight power gain like the old system, in which we would all end up at the same build eventually. It would be like boosts didn’t exist. We are now able to customize our teams to fit what we want them to do and be strategic about how we do it. This will be healthier for the game. Ludia won’t need to introduce super powered creatures constantly like indo g2. Rather, they can introduce more balanced creatures that won’t have a great need to bring down the nerf hammer, but are still relevant in whatever metta.

This should’ve been what boosts were originally. There are some good things about the system, as well as horrible things. Am i upset about the boost value now? yes. I paid for boosts as well. I gave Ludia a chance to see if they could make it right with the boost sales. They did not. Since complaints fall on deaf ears, I will just stop buying them. The best way to see a change is to damage your enemy where it hurts them the most. In this case, their pockets.

They are still a cosmetic enhancement. That much hasn’t changed. How we as the player use them is up to us. A good portion of humans are greedy as all get out and will do whatever they need to do to secure that victory. There isn’t really a fix for that.

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