LVL 7 reward bug


When reaching lvl 7 I received 3 pieces of epic equipement for my Cleric. When my barbarian reached lvl7 it showed me the 3 equipement in the xp screen at the end of the challange. But the equipement was NOT in my inventory.

V: 0.6.25


Hey Smartlink, the rewards for levelling up your character at the moment is a stats upgrade. However, reach out to our support team here at with your support key and more detail so they can investigate. If you have a screenshot of the issue, it’ll be helpful if you provided that to our team as well.


Sounds WAI. Leveling up characters doesn’t give you new equipment, it merely gives the character stat boosts (as Ned said) and unlocks the ability for the character to wear new tiers of equipment. In the case of the cleric, it sounds like you had the unlocked equipment in your inventory already, so leveling him to 7 let you use it. It sounds like you don’t have the epic equipment for the barbarian though.


Ned is the above answer the official response to the reward bug? Will the gamers who lv up now not get the rewards offered…
Also is global launch near?