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Lvl 74 campaign

What are da best creatures for lvl 74, da best I hav is lvl 28 Thor an Indoraptor an they’re no match.

I beat it with a level 27 thor and 26 mortem

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Thanks, I don’t have mortem, my alliance friends are low lvl an can’t win in da raids. :weary:

There are raid discord servers you can join. Don’t have links for them but someone will
And there are so many players on them. There is constantly people online

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What!! I’m old, like grandma age but explain this like I’m five. Pls. :grin:how does it work.

So there is an app you can download called discord. It’s free and really easy to use. Once you do have an account set up, you can be invited into servers that can help you raid.

Thank you…

Ok just tried that, but got no idea how it works. I can’t find ppl, or even how to. Went round in circles. Thanks though.

Ok. Well I do have a friend with an alliance server. I’ll ask him if he will allow you into the server.