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Lvl up I-rex or not


I like having I rex on my team, not for cloak. But her immunity and her damage. She is lvl 20 and I have Indo. But i’m thinking about levelling her up, what do you think?


Use the dna for eli


Its easy to level her up right now with the abundance of Trex dna.
I’m keeping mine at 20 though. Her immunity is nice and all but she’s got a lot of counters. My thor, stegod, Ankylocodon alone have 1v1 Irexs from lvl 20-23 in recent days. I’ve got two nullifiers on my team too.
I’d rather save my coins and dna for fuses as well.

Its all up to you though, if you enjoy using it, level it up. Its why I’ve got a lvl 24 Ankylocodon on my team. Its my baby.



I could switch her for Anky and are how she does it. I had her a long time on my team and is lvl 19. I can level her up to, that won’t be a problem. I think I’m going to give her a try. Thanks for the idea. :smile::+1:

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Its no problem, always love seeing people join Team Anky :smiley:
She’s an amazing Spinota counter too.


Indeed, I remember what trouble your Anky was for my team.

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I’m team Anky too! Mine on my team is currently lvl 22.

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