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Lvl15 3000+ trophies player looking for active alliance, prefer European time zone alliance


I have 3000+ trophies, lvl15 currently (soon 16) and have dinos to do most of the unique raids and working on to build some for apex raids. I’m playing daily, doing minimum tournament takedowns and participate raids and donations actively.

I would prefer to join alliance where most of the players are in European time zones for better co-operation in raids. I would like to have help and tips to build up towards apex raids and to assist lower players in unique/legendary. I use discord for communication and to plan raids and expect that is available and mandatory for others too. English or Finish for communication is preferred.

Satanspark#5023 (Discord) - IndianaBones#2568 (game nick)

Hi there. We have a few open spots and if you are interested I will send you a discord link to chat a bit. We meet all your needs and maybe a bit more like lvl 20 sanctuaries and more. Alliance is TrykOrTreat. Hope to hear from you.

I will send application to your alliance soon.