Lvling up Dino


So I’m seeing ppl putting pictures up with ton of dna but not lvling why are we not lvl immediately???


Because it costs a fortune so you don’t level dinos you won’t be using for further hybrids or want on your team etc


Because you dont want to waste coins on dinos that aren’t worth it in the meta. It becomes increasingly expensive to level up after level 11.


I figure they all will be good if they where max out tho lol I had one I believe it started with 350 attack now lvl 11 it 550 attack


To level up a dino from L20 to L21 you need 50k coins. Don’t waste coins on dinos not in your team. I only use coins to fuse dinos in my team and level up those that I intend to include in my team in the future…


My count at the minute…not even the highest it’s ever been. Even if I wanted to level up all my dinos (and frankly, I don’t), it’s not possible. There aren’t enough coins to go around. They have to get used sparingly, for better or worse.


Agreed I’m sitting on 78 dinosaurs I can’t level up at the moment.


Just because it has a good attack value doesn’t mean it’s good. A dinosaurs kit (abilities) have more to do with it.