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Lydia has been quiet


Lydia HQ must be very busy. I think we are almost due for patch notes?


Well they temporarily hid 2 posts of mine from the new event schedule thread, one from last night which still hasn’t been “reviewed”. So I retyped it this morning and they hid that too. As they will probably hide this one.


I believe that your posts are visible.

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Thanks! :+1:t2:


Maybe you were bad talking Apatosaurus, they don’t allow that under rules and regulations.


It’s “Ludia”. :wink:

I’m also looking forward to the next patch.


Given the constant complaints (some reasonable, some too nasty to even believe people feel free to say such hateful things), why would they come here?

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I have extremely high hopes for this patch. It seems if they follow the same trend. Every other update brings loads of content.

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I agree with you that some of the comments on these forums are rude and inappropriate. But they do need to come here and explain why so many of these complaints have not been dealt with. Having an open discourse with then player base is better than stony silence.


Somebody needs to talk to Lydia. She’s been making some really bad decisions lately and we are all worried about her.


actually, when will be the anniversary of this game ?


I think it was released non beta in May. Maybe Lydia is waiting for that to release the anniversary patch


She’ cool with either or, but let’s keep it proffessional with Ludia :stuck_out_tongue:

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May 24
I am expecting a St Patricks level of an event for the Anniversary. Buuut I might be setting myself up for a disappointment here.


This is ludia we arw talking about lol


Who’s Lydia? :wink:




She’s the owner and creator of dinosaur game.

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Lydia is Ludia’s Name!? gasp conspiracy theory! Lol jk.


Yeah the guys that made the logo screwed up and spelled her name wrong. She wasn’t happy. They blamed it on autocorrect