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Lying to us ludia?


Watchful Wednesday Draft. Higher chance of 5* OF THIS COLOR. ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT LUDIA?

The 4* went up but not the 5* when it clearly says higher chance of 5* as well.

I was looking to try and get the really cool Cloudjumper but I guess not.

  • Toothless
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from 0.1% rises to 0.6%, still <1%
haha lol :joy::joy::joy::joy:


yeah it’s right. if it raised not above 1% or exactly 1%, then <1% still stands

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Just checked with the team and I can confirm that there is an actual increase!

The overall increase is still below 1% :relaxed:

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Thats pretty pathetic :confused:


I agree with you @Toothless1


@Marcus Wow thats ridiculous! Once more i get the feeling you dont really care about us - otherwise i cant explain why you would tease us with HIGHER CHANCES OF 5* Dragons but its still below 1%!

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Hey @Felix,

By combining the odds of each individual cards together (with the increased %), you do gain a significant increase in chances of getting them. It might seem like a very small increase if you look at it per individual card.


It says higher chances for blue 5* dragons - as they are five to get and combining the odds there is a 5% increase (at best) - not very much in my opinion as 400 gems are so much.
But i really appreciate your reply!

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To be honest, I’ve just been ripped off. £4.99 for a chance of level 5 dragon. I received a level 1, 402 points after training.
I can’t put it any other way ,totally way behond fair and just robbed.
I’m expecting my money back .

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By “a chance” it does mean you’re not guaranteed one. Based on your response, I’m not even sorry you didn’t get it. Grow up.

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