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Lynthronax the Unbeatable

So I got bored and made this via inspect element on JWA toolbox, although it wasn’t my idea.

  • All hail Lynthronax!
  • Very very noice.
  • Why tho?
  • Unfunny, bro.

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the true king of the dinosaurs!!!
that has me thinking, what if someone just max lvled up a lythronax and gave it crazy stats? anyone know the best way to boost one if it was max lvl? may create my own version of lord lyrthonax and let it terrorize the arena

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Yes all hil the king

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I looked at that unfortunately the base stats are garbage so it doesn’t work even level 30 max boosted the optimal spread would probably be like 20 health 10 damage

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ok thank you, but still worth a try
and if she doesn’t work in pvp like I hoped I think she may do better, not amazing but better, in advantage tournaments



If they made a hybrid of Lythronax the Unbeatable and Monomimus, would it be the most awesome dinosaur in the game? or the most nerfed? :thinking:

Edit: Asking for a “Children of Lydionia” cultist!

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