Lyra, You are as fast as Velociraptor!


I was writing description to Charlie and then I see, You have wrote to Charlie! Then I started write to Delta, and you have wrote to also Delta!
And Monolophosaurus I didn’t even wrote, I don’t even have it!

( Here link to get Metahub’s Dinodex)


Hahahahahaha yes, I wrote Blue too, but they haven’t uploaded it :stuck_out_tongue: the one I didn’t do was Echo, because I would need to test her in the arena and that would mean the end of my time in Arena 7…

Man, I reaaaaally want a high level Delta


Don’t worry, I have wrote and sent Echo to metahub! And I also want High Level Delta and/or Charlie!


So, I saw this, and thought I’d go see how it was updated, since its been quite a while since I’ve looked at any of the raptors in the Dinodex…and I’m wondering if you possibly just made a mistake? Delta doesn’t have any form of a regen move currently, she has Strike, Pounce, and Impact and Run. Though I’d rather her have Adrenaline Surge instead of Impact and Run for her, imo…for things that don’t die to the first pounce have the ability to clear whatever movement slowing ability was applied and survive a second hit (hopefully) to get that next pounce in!


That would be neat! Though I do like her hit and runs, she has trolled a few people with that. :stuck_out_tongue: There was one match where she was never hit, due to one hit killing a Utahraptor, then doing a hit n run on the second dino, my second dino did damage to the second before dying, Delta came and pounced on it, killed second dino, then hit the third and ran. lol

So I don’t know if I want that kind of ability, I do like my troll Delta. :stuck_out_tongue: