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Lyth crew recruitment

The LythCrew is looking to adopt some new family members!!

What we can offer you:
10 (Exploration) | 9 (Defense) Missions << pushing for 10|10
Part of an amazing Co-Op of alliances working together to create 2 Level 20 Sanctuaries for some amazing DNA returns!!

  • lots of good people, fun times and plenty of lol’s

What we ask of you:
Join our Alliance Discord Server
Daily activity that contributes to the Defense side of the Alliance Missions (… must battle)
Willing to follow some ezpz rules in regards to sanctuaries and activity.

If you are interested reply to this post with your in game name number and discord info

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I would add: Behave in the battle arena. Don’t spam emoticons at your opponents continuously unless they reflect you and you’re a really nice person.

Not sure if this offer is still open but I’m a daily player looking for an alliance. My in game name is Barnacle12#0313 and my discord info is Barnacle12#8844. I look forward to helping out!

I sent you s friend request on discord dm me once you get it

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Hey I’m looking to join a more active alliance! My discord is… Odin #6833 my account name in JWA is Odin #1884. I sent a friend request to the leader and a co leader. :smile: