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Lythronax everywhere


At least it’s not diplocaulus :joy:


Yea I don’t think Ludia grasps the concept of April Fool’s… You’re supposed to say something and it turn out to be a lie… They just did the stupid thing…


Actually, I found it very creative and I laughed when I faced that giant monster op thing! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It might’ve been creative if we didn’t also get Lythronax on Thursday… But it’s supposed to be a prank, not just here your whole day is this one dino that’s worthless…


Takedown of the lord lythronax… Reward is regular epic incubator with some spare lythronax added in the mix.


Oh and don’t forget the lord lythronax is immune. Don’t go for distracting moves.

The list of passive is so long that you may not see it at first (like in my video we don’t see the fact that the lord is immune). Even with the armor of the lord, piercing/shattering moves are the best.

Good luck everyone! :crossed_fingers:

PS: Get 30 cash with the today link :

Lord Lythronax will take NO prisoners! Seek it out on the map and prepare for battle! Claim and play now arrow_forward


Yes, at first I was thinking “what??!” then I realized the whole thing is an April Fools prank. Chewed through all the towers with Thor. Except, of course, for Lord Lythronax. I don’t have anything nearly high enough to take him down. He took me out one-two-three. Not worth retrying as my highest lvl dino is only 23. It is really set for only the highest level players.

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Its EVEN in your daily missions reward


Just read that - that’s taking the joke too far.


Guys chill it’s hilarious it doesn’t have to be a lie it can just be a prank too.


I’m sick to death of the thing…



The good thing is that you could get some purrolyth dna instead of lythronax in event chests…

Everything that can save boring fuses is a victory !


Really!?!? I want some!


All hail the lord


Yes I got some with high amount of coins… 42 purrolyth dna + 1,500 coins


Yeah same here a few times I got purr in those chests.