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Lythronax Hybrid?


After opening a 24hr incubator I got a whole lot of Lythronax and got it up to level 10. I think, since Ludia added Gen 2 hybrids in the last update, they should add dinosaurs like Lythronax or Trike Gen 2 hybrids. Wouldn’t you guys agree?


Actually, I’m not so sure. As a Tyrannosaur, Lythronax should be formidable, but even at level 10, she’s still pretty weak. I don’t know what kind of hybrid that could be made using this dino, unless they really buff the speed and damage a bit first.


Right now, there are a lot of gen 2 dinos that are too weak to make hybrids.


Lithronax is a pretty decent counter atack dino due to is long protection move the same as rajassaurus
Lithronax+koolasuchus would make a hell hybrid
Slow impact
Impact debuff
Long protection
Remove positive effect move
Counter atack as passive


My point is that Lythronax is not on par with other Tyrannosaurs, having low hp and low damage. This would have to be buffed before a decent hybrid could be made.


He have got the same ammount of HP and atack as all other counter atack dinos… I have said it before and i will say it again they need a HP buff specially concavenator around 200hp would make then more viable and maybe get then into the game


That would be a better dino to use as hybrid material, in my opinion. Concavenator seems to be a better candidate than Lythronax.


I can agree with that


It was a Carcharodontosaur, after all. So far, it’s the only Carcharodontosaur in-game.


Shield counter-attack group itself works like a wastebasket of Theropoda in this game.

Concavenator from Carcharodontosauridae, Carnotaurus & Majungasaurus from Abelisauridae, Lythronax from Tyrannosauridae, and Megalosaurus from Megalosauridae.

All these dinos should be different, but Ludia seems doesn’t even care.:thinking:


Trike gen 2 and orthriomimus🤔


prior to Pre 1.3 update, she was a useful one. But post 1.3 update and habitat migration. She’s just left to dust in your collections out of your roster team. Also she hardly spawn in my habitat.