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Lythronax Tournament 3/22 - 3/25


Tournament is up and running with a new set of rules:

72 hours to go where will you place?

As always I will be tracking and posting updates of how the dominator league progresses over the tournament, with a recap at the end.


Gave it a go and managed to get 85 on Dominator, now it’s cooldown time. Seems the turney favours carnivores.

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Just finished my first round and this will be it for today. Up to now this tournament is much smoother as the last one. From my point of view it could end right now…see below.


Personally I like this tourney a lot better


Didn’t burn through a bunch of my high end Dino’s and stopping for now at about 46th place in Dominator with 294 points.

Yes the tourney is set up since it is herb and carnivore to favor carnivore since it has the advantage I have way more carnivores than herbivores so I was just doing 1 herbivore and 2 carnivores per match and progressed rather smoothly except when I miss judged a couple of times on what level I needed to bring based on where I was ranked and got smashed in the face with some level 30 indominesrex and level 40 tournament herbivores against my level 20 rare and level 20 super rare creatures.

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Opposing creatures would be more fun. Like herbs and amphibians only. Or for this one, if each team had to include one or two herbs.


I concur. A cross-mix would be more interesting. With herb and carno, fielding all carnos if one is able is obviously the safest. I tried a few combos, even two herbs and a carno, and that doesn’t necessarily draw a weaker set of opponents. Kinda like @Sionsith, I lost like three or four fights in a row trying to initially get into dominator, when the opposition each time overwhelmed what I fielded. Anyway, this time I can probably revert to my usual style of climbing high, then wait to see how badly I slide as I ease off and Ludia starts stuffing the ballots.

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New to the forum, but I’ve been reading it for awhile now and have found a lot of helpful info so I figured I join in on the discussions!

I’m a lvl 75, been playing for the better part of a year and have been winning tourneys since the pachyrino one last year.

Glad to see an easier tourney after the last one. I don’t like wasting dollars on speed ups so I invested in more rare Dinos over the course of the tourney…like 150k dna worth. Ouch, but at least I won it. So it’s nice to be able to allow my rain day funds to fill up again.

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@7DayDino welcome to the forums.

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After the nightly run:

585 is the top as of this screen shot and 263 was for 100th place. I have been averaging 32.8 points per battle so that would be 18 wins for the top spot and 9 wins for the bottom.

Starting off more tame compared to last week, let’s see what tomorrow brings.


24 hours in:

48 hours to go.
The pace of this tournament so far is much less than last weeks, and the week before. Or at least that’s how it feels.


I’ve noticed the same. I’m at 600 is with top in dominator at around 800. The opponents in dominator and predator leagues seemed not very strong this far. Also today’s events and vip event were fairly underpowered. Maybe some nerfing has been occurring?


For some reason, I can’t add any pictures right now, but I can share data for last night and this morning. With two days and 11 hours to go, I was 30th in dominator with 488 points. With two days and one hour to go, I was first with 824 points.

Edited because I figured out how to add pictures


Hey Ludia, Could you make a commons only tournament for the next tournament please, in this tournament i faced a maxed Indominus and maxed Metriacanthosaurus, and I’m not exactly the best of players…


Welcome to the forums @Dave_TIH, the game will automatically smash your creatures if you get to a point where you are not bringing the appropriate level team to the fight based on the rank you are battling at. For instance if I bring some level 40 legendary creatures to the dominator league, more than likely I am going to get my face smashed in by some level 40 tournament hybrids or VIP’s, but if I bring some level 20 VIP or level 10 tournament hybrids to the same fight I will get a similar match up to what I have brought to the fight. The game will punish you with a near impossible match up when you try and “sandbag” a fight based on the rank and league you are in.


1001 only good for 17th place right now. Hopefully a few more wins tomorrow will secure the prize.

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What level are you


Evening run


Gentlemen. I am here to announce that Lythronax is not worth it for players above level 40. It’s health and attack are below 2000 at level 40. This is a PSA


Or i’m just really powerful…

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