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Lythronax Tournament 3/22 - 3/25

Worth it for different reasons, I am a collector and as such want it not for its stats but because it is a creature that is available. Second reason is it might be part of a hybrid in the future and will be extremely valuable at that point.

But yes it’s stats are that of a glass canon and are not that great but that will also mean it will have its purposes and have a fairly quick recharge / cool down period after a battle making it a valuable battle weapon for the appropriate circumstance.


What the sith said. Plus, the VIP points awarded can be worth around a third of a 10k pack (after rebate).


Of course it is worth it. Maybe it is not the most powerful dino, but it could be useful in special situations. The reward is worth it and last but not least it is fun.


After two days of data I am thinking this tournament will end with very similar stats to last weeks tournament. The below is a comparison of the two tournaments with the top being from the Ceratosaurus tournament from last week with the Lythronax on the bottom.

Lythronax is slightly behind the Ceratosaurus tournament at this point but not enough to make me want to say that it is going to be significantly different. Guessing at this point you will need at least 1350 to reach Dominator League by the end of the tournament.


My result for today. For a short time I was hoping I could win my league for the first time, but that’s over now.

Besides, has anyone the issue of disappearing icons in the editor, cause I have:

You are not alone, I have the same issue @Tommi on both my PC and my phone where there are no icons.

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Thank you @Sionsith. There’s a saying in German ‘Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid’, maybe similar to ‘Misery loves company’.

I haven’t been posting to most of these threads since I tend to live in upper Predator league; either I don’t play often enough or don’t have a big enough stable of dinos to live in Dominator with you big boys & girls. :wink:

For statistical purposes, with 22 hours left, I’m #11 in Predator with 855 trophies.

Interestingly, 17 of the top 20 in Predator right now are JW-123456 accounts. Either that’s a lot of guests, or Ludia purposely is filling leagues; perhaps the goal is to keep the thresholds uniform across servers.

#1 in Predator right now (21 hrs, 26 mins left) has 904 trophies.


I’m playing for 2,5 years now and it took approximately 15 months before I finished my first tournament in dominator league. Maybe your are at the gate of evolving into dominator as well.


After several abortive attempts, I finally made a run today. I did finish higher than I started, but it was a near thing. (I was about 55th place when I started this morning and had dropped down to 66th after a 4 hour break.)

On potentially evolving to Dominator:


FYI, I’ve been playing for right at 10 months now. I’m in no hurry. My hatchery has plenty to do. :slight_smile:


I hear you @HanSoloWannaBe. I’m at six months now and feel I have a year or hatchery time left.


Hoping this will be enough to hang on.

It’s going to rough. I’m floating around 1000 now, and keep falling down. Yesterday I was as high as 26th in dominator.

I still got a grind to do, but tomorrow will be the farm fest since I missed out on the Ceratosaurus and Amangasaurus.

It seems like the levels have stopped climbing as fast, if the pattern holds true it looks like Dominator will be starting at around 1200 might even be less, will have to see what it looks like in the morning.

A little less than 12 hours to go:

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Agreed, I just started the day and lost only 7 ranks in the night which is very unusual for the last day of a tournament.

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Night run

Yeah, with 4-ish hours to go, I haven’t dropped at all during my grind this morning.

Plus even with my grind, I only gained 20 or so spots from where I started (5th in predator), so there is a massive drop off at the lower end of dominator.

It barely moved over the last 6-7 hours, I am hoping it has frozen the bottom end or at least letting it progress extremely slow.

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One hour before the tournament ends and I’m sure I will finish in dominator league. This morning I was hoping that I could win my league for the first time but that was just a wish. I know that there is no extra reward for being first, but I was eager to be king.