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Lythronax Tournament


Just call me Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson because I’m #1 :joy: (not for long I’m sure). Cheers and good luck to everyone that needs her.

Realized this morning that despite owning a few Glyptodons, I never unlocked it. The new hybrid will have to be put on hold for me for the moment!


is this lythronax a decent dino? I’m thinking of trying my first dominator attempt, but I prob need quite some dinobucks… But if this creature is quite worthless, I might better wait for a better dino. By that time I’ll have some more powerfull dino’s as well, so that it will cost me less dinobucks on the cooldown as well.

This dino is a part of the new released hybrid. If I were you I would go for it.

only because of the hybrid? or also because of it’s core stats? The Glyptodon is not yet unlocked for me, and I only have 3 of them

Its stats are weak.
I do each tournament just because…I can.
Normally I do not really care for the main price, I have all tournament legendaries unlocked meanwhile.

I think it’s up to you now if you think this dino is worth the effort.


okay… I find it difficult to decide when I’m ready to go for dominator… When I do a play through my dino’s, I get to the bottom of dominator… but the insane long cooldown’s let me drop just as fast… I guess i have not enough strong dino’s to counter the cooldown’s… If I show u guys my strongest dino’s… is it possible for you guys to see if I am ready, or it’s better to wait for a wider and stronger bench, before seriously attempting to stay in dominator?

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I can only speak for myself, but I think many of us would love to have a look at your lineup if it helps you.
There may be different advices and you can takes the best one for your needs.

I’m so long in dominator now that I almost forgot how it was at the time when it was hard for me to reach it.

I’ve got more than 25 lvl 40 VIPs by now. My lineup in dominator is always meat shield, lvl 40 VIP and some middle class dino for the rest. Lvl 40 VIPs have a cooldown of one day (more or less), so that I could make 25 fights per day which I almost always win.

I suppose this has not much to do with your current lineup, but I would of course take a look at your dinos and give you my opinion.


LVL40 VIP’s is quite far off for me indeed.
I appreciate your opinion…
Here’s my lineup… (currently hatching lvl 11 concavenator)

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If you need a glass cannon carnivore, at the tournament level, only Metriacanthosaurus has a higher attack

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I have found some success in Dominator using level 40 Legendary creatures, but there is risk involved. You can easily draw a bad matchup and get clobbered. One strategy that may work for you is battle as high as you can. Drop down to Predator, battle back, and repeat. If you can realistically get an unlock, get the unlock. There is no way to know when it will be available again. That said, I would not go broke spending Dinobucks on cooldowns. To realistically stay in Dominator, you need to win about ten victories/day. If you can stay close, you might be able to sneak in the end of the tournament


Phew, this looks for me too early to go for dominator. For me this would be too much stress.
On the other hand, you said that you reach the bottom of dominator if you use all your dinos.
If this is fun for you and if you do not need them otherwise…why not.
Under no circumstances would I use tons of dinobucks for cooldowns. If this is necessary for you to finish in dominator, don’t do it and wait.
Patience is an essential skill in this game, your time in dominator will come.


I followed this pattern for a long while. And if I’ve got a busy weekend outside the game, I will still just make sure to stay close to dominator and sneak in right at the end. Effective to get the unlocks if possible until you have a deep enough bench to stay in Dominator the entire tournament. Just my two cents.


Day one.


@Belboxtel, I agree with @Tommi. I do not think your current line-up is ready for a safe Dominator finish. Yes, you probably could finish in Dominator, but it would cost you a lot of dinobucks. Save them. There are plenty of creatures to unlock; this one is not worth the cost, I think. It’s new and flashy and exciting. Give it six months, and both Dominator and the Lythronax will be more attainable.

Play how you wish of course, but I’d say save yourself frustration and dinobucks and just enjoy wherever you land.


Thnx for the advice. I agree, because I’m already out of dominator again, and the battles I get at the top of predator are quite hard and they’re no guaranteed wins for me… guess I’ll have to be patient some more😄


Hi everyone, new to the community here. Been playing almost 3 weeks now, almost have my 3rd VIP dino this Sunday.

Top left corner of the pic is my level. Any real chance of me staying in Dom? I made it to Predator league last two tournaments, but my strongest dinos are Lv10 VIPs. Got 3-4 40 point matches? Beat some 4-6K HP groups of dinos with my Lv10 VIP dinos.

Any suggestions? I’m trying to get to get to Level 50 ASAP since I purchased the VIP subscriptions. I also noticed that some PvE event got pretty difficult as my level increases :frowning:

@Belboxtel … my advice … for what it’s worth… if you want to finish in Dominator, stay in the top quarter of Predator for the entire tournament. Don’t worry about staying in dominator. Use your lower level fleet to stay near the top of Predator league. Manage your highest end dinos carefully Sunday night. Be sure they are ready to go on Monday. Then Monday morning, get to the highest end of Predator using lower dinos. Usually the highest level in Predator (where one more win will put your into Dominator) requires Dominator strength Dinos. Keep your eye on this forum, and listen to @Sionsith with regard to where you need to be to qualify for Dominator. He’s usually spot on. When I don’t have a lot of time to go on a big run, that’s what I do. I’m not as much of a pro as others in this forum, so maybe they can help explain what I am trying to say better.


Weirdness. Just lost three straight matches in Dominator on what I would consider very odd moves by my opponents. Almost felt real rather than AI. Or maybe just time to call it a night.

At level 45 you should not expect to land in Dominator, if you do consider it a bonus. There are a ton of posts on the forums that can help you with why your PvE has gotten more difficult. If I get some time later I will hunt a few of them down when I am on a computer.