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Lythronax Tournament

@Sionsith , Thank you.

I might have stumbled across a few topics about it when I searched the keyword “battle” on this forum. Something to do with ferocity?

If you could link me something about how PvP Arena matchups works, that would be great! That was my reason for searching “battle” on the forum.

I was just wondering if I went into PvP Arena with all Lv40 commons, if they matched me up with similar ferocity or player levels?

When I played Zen VS Land and use 3 Super Rare zens, the matches are pretty easy. Different when I play Land VS Land, but I noticed they just removed that type of match for me after I reached Lv45?

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PvP or what should be called blind matches, since you are not really playing against other players but are really playing against a random match up from the AI of the game. Where PvE you get to see what you are battling against before you start the match.

Ferocity is how most of the games battle system seems to be based.

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This is the best thread to understand how the battle system in Jurassic world works.
It is essential that you understand what ferocity is and how the system sets up your opponents in PvE battles.
I hope it helps.

Thanks to @Sionsith for this once again.


Thanks @Tommi !

I did read most of that topic when I searched. The early levels were easy to get the daily events completed, but now sometimes it may take me a good cooldown of 4-8 hours waiting for my dinos to be ready for battle again. Like the 3x hybrid battles earlier.

@Sionsith We’re not playing against “live” players? Sometimes, it feels real, especially when the other player is counting my moves.

I think you posted some Youtube videos as well? I’ll try to check out some of them this weekend when I have more time.

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No, we are definitely not playing against real persons. The longer you play the sooner you will recognise how predictable some PvPs are. There is nothing that is easier for the AI than counting our moves.

It is very important that you try to establish a, how we call it, balanced lineup.
As you may already know the AI calculates the average ferocity of your three strongest creatures AFS(3) and makes your opponents stronger as your AFS(3).
You are likely to win because you know your opponents and can use class advantage.
But he does this all the time. That is why you need at least 15, I prefer 30, dinos with a similar ferocity. That way you can at least withstand 5 battles against opponents in PvEs without the need to wait for cooldowns or the need to spend dinobucks.


Day two.


Just keep in mind there’s a big difference between normal PvPs and tournaments. In regular PvPs, the ferocity you put up will be matched within a certain range by the AI… sometimes a bit harder, sometimes easier, but always beatable if you know what you are doing. In tournaments, each level has its own ferocity requirements (not really known but certainly rise as you travel up the brackets). And if you come with a team that the AI thinks is not appropriate, it will often punish you with a lineup that is WAY better than yours and stomp you into submission. So players that are on the cusp of Dominator are more likely to run into those kinds of matches and it adds to the difficulty of getting a Dominator finish.



This is following the standard pattern that we have had over the last few tournaments, so unless something deviates this should end right around 1250 trophies. Which means folks that want to be in Dominator need to to average approximately 12 wins a day at 34 trophies per win. If the trend changes I will post an update here. Good luck to everyone.


My first tournament pack! Crazy thing is that I was in Predator!


1 day, 18 hours to go.

Top of Dominator is 1246 trophies.

Bottom is 555 trophies.

As always, thank you, @Sionsith, for the very helpful predictions.


Congrats! My one-and-only tournament pack win was in Predator as well.


Thnx for the advice. My bench won’t really allow me to play otherwise though. Top of predator sometimes gives pretty hard battles when not playing my strongest dinos. Wondering If mixing one strong one with the lvl 40 legendary is smart. It may let me win more easily, but then again I come short in dino’s for the big push in dominator…:thinking:. Wish there was some way of knowing which level of ferocity u need to bring to not get these insane powerful enemy’s.

In some of my tournament videos I talk about the level of ferocity you need at the different levels.


Haven’t been able to put the time in on the tournament, or the Boss for that matter, that I’d like. That said, here’s my data


Here are three pictures that shows how I have dropped like a boulder but I have not played since Saturday


Woehoo!! My first time ending in dominator! And the best part… it was without spending a single dinobuck on cooldowns!
Thanks for everyone advising! :+1:


Congratulations @Belboxtel!


1000 bucks in the Lythro pack! I already had this boi maxed, so this really made the effort worty it
Hope everyone else gets them as well.
@Belboxtel Welcome to your Dominator age!


I fought a level 14 Concavenator, a level 38 Ceratosaurus and a level 40 Gorgosaurus earlier today. Wouldn’t have minded losing so much, but I was in Hunter. I hate it when that happens. I’d picked level 30 legendaries which are, if anything, overpowered at that level. Congrats to all you guys that won what you wanted.