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Lythronax VS JWA

Welcome to Dino VS The Rest Of JWA, the series where we make one dinosaur fight the rest of JWA and see who wins based on votes!

BTW, vote by favorite, not by who would win IRL or in-game. Lythronax will face other opponents from JWA and will fight 5 rounds.

Round 1: Lythronax VS Majungasaurus

Voting ends in a while, get them in soon.

  • Majungasaurus
  • Lythronax

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Lythronax wins! Next up, Lynthronax VS Dimorphodon.

  • Dimorphodon
  • Lynthronax

0 voters

Lynthronax wins again! Moving on to hybrids, Lynthronax VS Purrolyth.

  • Purrolyth
  • Lyntrhonax

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Lynthronax loses that one, but still has more chances! Next up, Carnotaurus.

  • Carnotaurus
  • Lynthronax

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I know I said 10 rounds at first, but let’s just go 5. Anyway, the final bag… Koolasuchus.

  • Lynthronax
  • Koolasuchus

0 voters

And that concludes Lynthronax VS JWA.

Wins: 3
Losses: 2
Ties: 0

Overall: Win