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How do I get mine? I thought I finished in 92nd place of the dominator league.

How do you know you finished 92nd? Did you watch it while the tournament completely ended?

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Welcome to the forums @Tristen_Gadberry
Do you have photo evidence of finishing dominator league?
Usually I will go back on to JWTG 5-20 mins before the end to see if I am secure
How many trophies did u get?
@Sionsith usually posts a prediction for tournament 100th place in dominator during the tournament

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When did you last check-in on the tournament and what was your trophy count?

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Yes. I did.

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Did you have the game open when the tournament ended? If so, and you were in say the trade harbor, you may not get any tournament reward.

Did you get any tournament reward at all?

If not, you’ll need to open a support ticket.

We don’t recommend you are even in the game when a tournament finished due to things like this.

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Yeah, like @Timmah said, close the game before the tournament ends or you won’t get your reward and you’ll have to open a ticket. That’s why I asked if you watched until it ended.

Yes. I had the tournament open watching the last few seconds and then I didn’t get any reward at all. How do you open a ticket?

You can send a ticket at or
Make sure you include evidence and your support key :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you don’t have any screen shots, Ludia should still be able to see where you were in trophy count at the end of the tournament, but make sure you put your support key in your email. And then wait 4-5 business days for a real response. You will get a couple of automated messages fairly quickly but it will take a few days before a real person looks at your ticket and gets back to you.

It’s important you only send one message and only one message so you don’t confuse the support system and lose your spot in the queue. If you haven’t heard any thing from support in 4-5 business days reply to this post as such and the forum will help you with next steps.