M4 corriodor- max speed for JWA

I’m heading from Hampshire to South Wales sitting at 70mph as a passenger but have not seen a Dino in miles.

Is there a max speed at which a vehicle can be travelling so the system can keep up?

It works for me at 75 mph, but there can be periods of lag where things don’t show up.

I’ve now had about an hour of nothing… was expecting a decent haul today :frowning: image

when that happens to me, I open a different app, then go back to that app to force it to reach back out to the server to update.

I get map updates as I’m traveling, but it must come from 2 different sources or two different commands, one to update the map and then one to update the dinosaurs.

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If you get absolutely no creatures or supply drops exiting and reloading normally does the trick; happens a couple of times a week to me.

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When that happens to you, I give you some advice. Close the app and open it again. Surely when you open it you will draw the map with dinosaurs and you will be able to hunt some (sometimes it is not necessary to close the app if you do not change to another application and return). If after the map does not evolve you must perform the operation several times. I must do this every day from the train, which, of course, is much slower.

Had tried closing the app, rebooting the phone and after read responses (thank you) switching apps and still nothing :frowning:

163 miles today and expected to get some serious dna but unfortunately not a lot :frowning:

Were you doing a lot of highway driving? Like on interstate roads, or state roads that have miles between towns?

I’ve noticed that on major roads where there isn’t any population besides traffic, there aren’t any spawns or supply stops even, unless its near an interchange or going through a town/city.

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I’ve noticed when I take the freeway to work there are none except the ones on the over passes. I think it is intentionally like that.

It was all motorway (interstate), it’s only 10-15 miles between most junctions so not that far. I’m guessing it was more the speed that was an issue!

Now in Cardiff and whenever in the car it’s like Christmas compared to my home town… so many dinos and supply drops!

I’m near the M4 corridor, Bristol end lol… but no I don’t think the game is speed-locked (unlike other games) however the biggest problem I’ve had while travelling is getting a good strong data signal. It’s usually got enough to draw out the map (using Google Maps API?) but sometimes I don’t see many stops/dinos. I am usually periodically restarting the game and it brings the stop/dinos back, if the signal is good enough.