Maches seeming to be predetermined?

I’ve had matches where the opponent damage output and health means it would be impossible for me to win the match unless I crit every single hit and they never get any chance based abilities off.

I’ve had matches where my evasion will fail EVERY single hit. And I’ve had matches where I’ve realied that I’m the one that never misses and used that to my advantage because I can’t lose.

Or games where I am winning and the only way they could win is if they crit AND ignore evasion. So they will. And when you hit the next arena this seems to happen consistently. You will suddenly be against things that never miss, always crit and often are more than 5 levels on average above your team.

I’ve hit 5000 about 6 times, and almost every time, my next few matches will all be impossible to win, even if it should be possible.

Even things like using a high health armored dino against a fast, no armor piercing dino, the fast no armor piercing one will consistently defeat the thing that should counter it in two hits.

I’ve also seen three turn evasions just turn off after one turn without any abilities to nullify it.

It’s seeming like matches favor a player and give them every advantage, and it seems to be triggered by moving up an arena.

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It’s not rigged. It’s just the human brain trying to find patterns where there are none.


Matchmaking is very broken.
It isn’t just your imagination.


That part I agree with. But matchmaking isn’t all that this thread is about.
Besides, I’ve noticed no such pattern. I’ve broken 5000 only once, and I stayed in Library for quite a few battles, enough to win 2 DBIs.
I found my opponents no harder to beat than in High Aviary.
Fully unboosted, by the way. My team isn’t particularly strong when it comes to levels either.