Made a mistake


I was just about to power up my pyrirtator with the dna I had collected, as soon I was gonna unload my dna, my finger had slipped on the irratator and powered him up instead of my legendary… what should I do or how can I get back my dna…please help


I think you’re out of luck, a confirmation request before would be nice before it levels because this is a fairly common issue.


It’s gone. You’re not the first person to do this


Yea… just wasn’t focusing on my phone, as my finger slid on the screen and I looked back at the phone my dino already hit level 16 and yea. I just wait for t-Rex to come during the weekend. Since I already lost my chance at a new collection to the team


:frowning: I want to cry for you :joy::sob:


I went through a nightmare maxing my attempts for the irritator. If that happened to me, i’m gonna need a couple drinks to cope :joy:


Can I see an ID? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I thought you were not old enough for booze!

Edit: I meant based on your earlier pic of young Justin Beiber :smile::smile:


Unfortunately, the terms and condition say they would not refund/correct any purchase/upgrades by mistake. Guess it is to prevent a high influx of tickets/time wasted for buyer’s remorse.

You can still raise a support ticket and see if they can do anything for you! Hopefully, they will soon implement the confirmation message before evolving!


Literally get carded everywhere it’s insane, haha I have a baby face leave me alone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sure :smiley:

Maybe you should replace your profile pic with a new one holding a beer in one hand (and something else on the other) !!


wow! that is a true to life nightmare i am so sorry for you


Thank you guys, I will cope and not sulk on it and wait for the next event to get more dna


I few weeks back my 4 year old bought a rare incubator for like 800 cash. I don’t even know what was in it, he was just finishing tapping through the content when I noticed what he did. Should have a 2 digit pin for any purchase. Ah well.


Ohhh Caleb how old are you? I always thought you were really young too :sweat_smile:


My eight year old accidentally sped up his 24 hr incubator, wasting some cash from acheivements. But this… Ouch. Sorry dude.


I’m 24, biebo is a month older than me :joy:


I feel like I look about 100 years older than you and I’m only 25 :roll_eyes:


Haha just by one year and 100? not even close girl, you can pass for 21 :smile:


I feel I’m the same age but I’m 33. I don’t know what’s the saddest :rofl::rofl::scream::man_facepalming:t3::man_shrugging:t4:


uugg. You’re all so young. It’s making me feel older just reading the posts.