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Made a new guy mistake


Greetings - So I’m new to the game, only a couple months in, and thru some good fortune I’ve ended up with a few highly decent dinos in each category. But after discovering and reading thru some of the topics on this forum I think I made a mistake. I’m getting creamed now in all of the daily events.

My question is how do I rectify this? Its not much fun getting beaten badly in events and seeing unlockables go by. Do I need to sell these guys or put them in storage?

Any advice would be appreciated.

The Exit Battle Cheat

@KenO welcome to the forums, we havent seen anyone sell off their creatures to see what kind of affect that would have on their match ups. I know putting them in the Asset Repository will have no effect on your battle match ups unfortunately. If you do not want to attempt the selling of your top creatures the only way to rectify the situation otherwise is to grind the rest of your team up to the same level. Figure there are on average two daily three battle events some days more some days less but on average there are two events so that means you need at least 6 teams (3 teams for each event) or 18 creatures (3 creatures per each team) in the Jurassic category that are all around the same ferocity scale. You also need to account for cool down periods as you get into some of the higher level tournament hybrids since you start running into multi day cool down after battling which adds to the number of creatures you might need.

If you do decide to sell any of your high level creatures please report back on if this reduced your daily event battle toughness. That might be the quickest way to remedy your situation but I have not seen anyone attempt that as a fix so I am not sure what the outcome would be, but that would be a great fix if it does work.


It can’t be that Ludia punishes guys who use the game as it is mainly supposed to be, which is collecting and evolving dinos. If you do so you get rewarded by making battles nearly impossible to complete. I understand that opponents become stronger in time when you get stronger, but that can’t be based on your strongest dino only. It must at least be some average calculation, otherwise it is very unfair. Battles should be challenging, but their must be a fair chance to succeed. I know that there is a way to cheat but I do not want to. I never felt satisfied by winning unfair.

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Thanks for the replies.

I think I’ll try the direct approach and email Ludia and just ask. Worst that can happen is they don’t respond right? Honestly I would sell my strongest 2-3 but I’m just concerned I end up double screwed with impossible battles and no strong dinos.


I can say that I was humming along just fine with my battles until I created my indoraptor, battles got instantly harder after that. Then I got greasy and fused two Indoraptors to create a level 20, again battles got worse. I have sense been leveling all of my other creatures in the Jurassic group while keeping my level 20 Indoraptor frozen, I keep creating lvl 10 indoraptors but I do not evolve them. My bench of creatures is getting steadily larger and better balanced, still not as strong as my level 20 indoraptor but getting to be closer on par with the level 10’s. I have noticed my battles are still tough and there are some that I do not do based on usage vs reward (fight for funds is a joke since it was nerfed), but today I was able to clear the stakeholders visit event and the clash of titans event without using any glitches in the game to complete any of the battles. Part of this success was the fact that the stakeholders event was 3 battles of all carnivores and no amphibians, but I was able to complete it none the less. A couple of weeks ago this event would be one I would potentially skip or need to spend bucks to refresh my best Dino’s to complete.

There are other folks on here that have resisted the urge to level a creature and they have not had the same issue with PvE that some of us have had with the near impossibility at times of the match up unless you bring your top team over and over to the table to complete each battle.


Related to this, I am working on my 2nd Stegoceratops, which I can then use to make a Monostegatops. Does anyone have stats on a level 10 Monostegatops (and a Diplosuchus while I’m asking) to see how they will work with my current lineup so I may determine if I want to create them



@KenO: My best suggestion is not to level up anything higher than what you have, and build the rest of your team up to whatever your best creature currently is. The best way to do this fast is to earn VIP points (JW/Loyalty points) and buy 10k packs. You get good creatures that hatch in 6 hours and have fairly short cooldowns. The best way to earn VIP points is grinding PvP.

@Tommi, it appears that “punishing” players for advancing is exactly what Ludia does. Particularly when people want to get the Indominus and Indoraptors, since they are the spotlight dinos from the new movies, those players get punished and then feel compelled to spend real money to buy dinobucks to “catch up,” which, of course, never happens.


Thanks @DinoStan

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Thanks everyone for your replies and advice. I think what did it was the 2 legendary hybrids I’ve got. Right after that it went sideways. I will sit on them and bring others up to their level.

Good news is this ramp up didn’t translate to my aquatics. I was able to clear today’s event using what I consider a normal mix of my mid and high level guys.

Thanks again everyone

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Yes so far the other areas are not affected by another. Which is why I have not leveled my tournament hybrid creatures in my Cenozoic or Aquatic sections they will stay level ten and multiply at level ten until I have other creatures stacked at the same level with a deep bench. Then I will systematically start evolving them so that I end up with multiple of the new teams at the same level after a week or two of evolving, tedious but if it solves the impossible PvE problem worth it in my book.


Agreed with those posting this strategy of building a big array of even tiered dinos. The hard part is finding the right path to target for that deep balanced line up.


These are my top three sets of creatures for Jurassic as of this morning.

Back in November (earliest time I see a screen shot with my first Indoraptor) here is my 1st line up.
What was then my second best creature is now my 8th best and I have the three other classes not just Carnivores in between the two. Had I not merged two of my Indoraptors into the level 20 that I have I would probably be in even better shape with my PvE that is generated. I just finally unlocked the Segnosuchus which at level ten is like 30 something in my line up but at level 20 will slide nicely up into around 10ish and bolster my herbivore team. And I will have at least 2 of each class around my top ten. After that it will be grinding at DNA to then continue to add level 20 tournament hybrids until I have 4 or 5 of each class and then I will be evolving them so that I end up with at least two level 30’s in each class, this is going to take some time but hopefully this will tame the level of PvE match ups I started running into when I first got my Indoraptor and especially when I evolved it to level 20.


So I sold my top dino.Got creamed in the 2nd battle of the What Lies Beanth event as every dino the bot had could finish me in a single hit. For perspective my top dino could do more than twice the damage of my second (roughly 1300 to 600).

I figure I’ll give it a few days to clear out then I’ll let you know if this worked

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Keep us posted @KenO. I hope it reverts back for you


According to my calculations, a level 10 [Super Rare] Monostegotops will have 1633 health and 510 attack, while a [Rare] Diplosuchus will have 892 / 377.


The screen shots above have the health and attack of both, you are off a bit on the stats, how did you calculate what their stats would be?


Based on the respective card values for level 40:

Monostegotops = 6033 / 1885

Diplosuchus = 3295 / 1393

The level 10 values are usually about 27.1% of the level 40 numbers. I don’t understand where the screenshot #s come from, unless there’s something special about superhybrids.

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All of the super hybrids seem to start off at around 50% of their level 40 values. Never looked at that before so thank you for sharing.


Looks like it worked. After letting any open and/or started events expire, I’ve been able to complete everything since with what I consider a normal degree of difficulty. Which to me is being able to complete a full event using the top 20% of my roster with few if any repeats.