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Made it to 1500! 😊


Just wanted to announce I’ve made it to 1500! Out of darts at the moment but that’ll motivate me to exercise and get out of the house later this evening when it cools down a bit here in Venice California!

How’s everybody else doing? I’ve been playing a defensive strategy and Alot of people are not having luck beating it with their VR :wink:


Congrats! The game truly is so much fun when you feel like you are making accomplishments. It has definitely helped get me off the couch and out into the world and as an added bonus, my soon to leave for college daughter will drive me around to get DNA & drops. Such a nice way to spend time together!

Currently I’m hovering around 2500. Was almost to 2600 but had some doozies knock me out today after winning one I didn’t expect to. Lots of dinos I haven’t seen in battle before and I think I spend as much time in reading their stats as I do actually fighting. LOL I know they could be bots but it still helps me improve my strategy, which is also primarily defensive. It’s been a good strategy thus far. :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy hunting!


Hey gratz :blush: I just got to the arena 5 Badlands and I get to start my first 24 hour Inca soon



:scream::scream::scream: I’m jelly I don’t know if I am on the list


Congrats on your 1500!

I’m at 2818 right now. (:


Congrats that’s awesome just keep going. :wink:


Congrats! Sounds like you’ve had some good battles


2500?! Very nice I’ve got some catching up to do!


Woah! Let me know what’s inside!!


It was ok the epic dna was nice I got 1 full dino and almost a 2nd


Nice, congrats! I feel like the Incubators are slowing me down, because I often don’t start fights without free slot.

Reached 1500+ today as well (started last week) with Lv. 6/non VIP. Just need a lot more coins to level my dinosaurs … it’s hard (or I’m out hunting too much … well, I can’t resist if many Rares/Epics are in my neighborhood).


it’s been difficult with all those einiasuchus around, but I’ve made it this far so far