Maeve buffalord trust points

So my 2nd account has 56 to and main 0 due to main bouncing between 9 amd 10 star alphas thus opening many more on weaker account. I think the tp need to be raised more in higher chests for this reason

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So, your opening more on 2nd account because that account is always on the top of the damage list therefore you are getting more keys and thus more chests? Otherwise, I don’t get it. Even if you are doing weaker Alphas eventually you are still going to hit a pattern. x, x+1,x,x+1,x, etc… And therefore, only be able to defeat an Alpha every other day.

2nd account is usually middle.of the road, but they are killing all most alphas currently, plus they wont hit the 10* wall.

My main fights 10* a ton due to beating all 9 and then some 10* shells

Also lower level chests require less keys to open.

I do need to correct above, lower level is at 56 to and main account is46

Maybe it will balance out at the end

Wait, lower level Alpha chests require less keys to open?!?

I didn’t realize that.

Could you please tell me how many keys it take to open a lower level chest.

I know a Level 9 Alpha Chest requires 380 keys.


Keys start off at 300 and every lvl it goes up by 10 (except for the lvl 10 alpha chest which seems to require 400 keys)

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Level 1 300
Level 2 310
Level 3 320
Level 4 330
Level 5 340
Level 6 350
Level 7 360
Level 8 370
Level 9 380 (confirmed)
Level 10 400

That’s interesting.

yup and it also means that the difference between the rewards you get from a lvl 9 chest and a lvl 10 chest is lower than you think.

Couldn’t care less about fish in the Alpha chest.

All of these chests give one 4-star random dragon

At this level nobody cares about a basic draft card

Sheep seem random anyways, don’t really care about that

So this is the effective difference between chests:

Someone check my math, but I think this is correct.

I wasn’t sure about how many dragon scales are in a Level 7 and Level 10 Alpha chest post Update. If the number is wrong let me know and I will redo the chart.

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isn’t it better to assume consistently in top 10 rather then top 5?

Also like i said not much difference in value between lvl 9 and 10 alpha chest (only like 6 trust points for maeve’s buffa difference or so after 2 weeks) Doesn’t really seem worth the effort now does it?

I could do a top 10 player

Note that you will usually rank higher in clans that defeat 7* than in 9*/10* clans.

I think it would help if there was some bonus for each alpha defeated. Even just fish and coins that scale per alpha level, maybe a 1* scale per alpha level

While I’m suggesting alpha improvements. It would be great if there was a small chance for a 3* scale in level 7 and up chests with the chance growing as you go up. Kind of like chance of premium token. I’ve received one ever so one 3* scale in 4 months isn’t too much

Added top 10 player

You’re still looking at about a 9 month period of consistent play to get the legendary Maeve’s Buffalord.

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After getting a level 9 chest it doesn’t really seem worth going for the level 10 one does it? I mean if that is the difference after 6 months?

The difference between a level 9 vs level 10 chest is only 54 trust points, 21 1* scales, and 36 2* scales over a six month period.

In my opinion, this is just another example of the development team failing to do their homework.

Considering that it is much more difficult to consistently defeat 10* Alphas vs 9* Alphas the reward should be a lot better.


Basically impossible to beat a 10* non shellfire unless there is a glitch at this point. So yes, the 10* alpha chest should give significantly more rewards,

Again, a top 10 player in a 9* clan will easily come top 3 in a 7* clan and hence receive better rewards than the table suggests.

@Anyname_418 In the table, Capt. Wacky has put both the calculation for a top 5 player and a top 10 player. So you could use it to compare a top 5 player fighting 7* alphas to a top 10 player figthin 9* alphas.