Mage's Grimoire damage bug?

I just got the Mage’s Grimoire for Shevarith. Super excited for the auto kill spell I’ve seen done on me so many times. Problem is, it’s never worked for me. Description says damage should be at least ~2500 (300%), with 25% kill. I always get 1000+ damage only.

Anyone else?

Have you considered the damage reduction of your opponents (e.g. block, AC, etc…) and/or debuff on you?

Yeah, it’s failed to hit 2500 even when there’s no block, and AC only affects your hit/miss. Literally has not hit the promised 2500 once, and never seen the autokill happen.

Uh. No. It appears that the difference between AC and Attack correlates linearly with with damage with an exceptionally high r value. It does eventually cap out in each direction.

Do you have any data to support that hit/miss is in any way correlated with AC and Attack?

@User14, Although your assessment about AC not affecting damage would be correct for most WotC products, I am not sure this applies to WoW. When I boost Tommus’ AC with his Legendary Boots, his AC surges. While this skill is active there seems to be no change to the hit frequency, however, he takes very little damage from incoming attacks.

I admit I may be wrong as I do not not know the precise mechanics. However, my experience with Tommus indicates increased AC may decrease damage.

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