Magna and monolometradon

I honestly don’t see how magna and monolometradon are able to defeat basically every single Dino in the game they are way too strong they need to be way more balanced I just faced a lvl23 fully boosted magna and he destroyed my nantem even though he was distracted he beat him in two turns then proceeded to wipe out my cera and lux without breaking a sweat that’s ridiculous and monolometradon is the same way they’re either resistant or immune to almost everything which makes them way too strong even indom or indoraptor aren’t that strong so why are those two

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Man your internet must be really bad, it looks like it took a whole year for this post to upload!

All joked aside, these two are fine. Magna is actually one of the more “honest” uniques out there.There’s things that are way more problematic than these two in the meta. Indominus and Indoraptor should not be used as a scale of what is “strong” in this game.


Manga and Mono are also designed to counter both. Manga being a cunning fierce with high damage and nullifying impact and some minor distraction resistance. Countering both Indo by destroying their evasive capability and Indoraptor’s distraction. Mono is just diet Magna but with nullifying strike.


don’t u know that morty was destroyed by the update? and inodm and indorapt are weak anyways. indorapt, being easy to build is also easy to defeat. and, magna and monolo can be countered by scorpy and testa, so i don’t know why u say that

They are way too immune to everything how does a lvl23 half boosted magna beat a fully boosted lvl26 nantem cera and lux without breaking a sweat that’s ridiculous no other Dino in this game can do that but these two I have faced every other unique and apexes and beat them with these three but magna and monolometradon are way too op for even a fully boosted lvl30 morty to be beaten by them in two turns is way too strong honestly they need more weaknesses they’re completely immune to stun vulnerability dot and speed decreases and on top of that resilient to distraction and swap out that’s way too strong for a Dino that literally destroyed all the apexes without breaking a sweat

I have a lvl 30 fully boosted scorpious gen3 and it gets destroyed by magna so I don’t see how that’s possible testa I don’t know I don’t have him yet I’ve been putting my dna and coins into other dinos but it’s ridiculous how strong he is my apexes got destroyed by a lvl23 half boosted magna and monolometradon and they are fully boosted and apexes being cera lux and nantem and nantem was distracting constantly and he was still dealing enough damage to beat him in two turns

i still see a lot of monolometrodon high level in aviary

I am in aviary and I have used all my best dinosaurs including my skoona and phuro as well as scorpious and it doesn’t matter what you use they literally destroy them

Get skoonasaurus, she will destroy both magna and monolometro easily, even if she is underlevel

Lol, have you not heard of testa?

Honestly, like above you’re really late with this. Mono was nerfed a while back. Magna is a unique and while its a good 1v1 Dino, if you lost 3 dinos to a single magna I would be inclined to look more at your tactics than blame the Dino. I have a level 30 maxed magna in gyro and honestly it’s only slightly above average performer right now. Most people are phasing it out. If I face one, I bring out dioraja and wreck it.


Pterovexus is also immune to pretty much everything, and it isn’t even close to OP. It takes more than a bunch of resistances to make something OP, and trust me, these two are fine. They have great resistances, but they aren’t too bulky and aren’t the fastest. It’s not too hard to either burst them down with something like Phorurex or outlast them with something like Testa or Skoona. In fact, both are laughable compared to something like Phorurex.


Monolometrodon is underpowered if anything.
Magna could lose a 250-300hp or speed resistance to 75%, but that’s about it really.

You want to destroy and make Magna useless?


Magna was dominant for years.
The only reason it’s not meta anymore is that the uniques are getting progressively more OP, which yes, should be addressed first, so it doesn’t need nerfs right now.

But complete speed immunity with 128 base speed and 3900 hp is a bit too much

I don’t know what game you have been playing but I think we’re playing to totally different games because almost everyone in my alliance has the most problems with both of these two and alot of them are really good at this game

Monolometradon is easier to deal with then magna but my lvl21 skoona gets destroyed by a lvl21 half boosted magna and don’t get me started on how in the world does a lvl23 half boosted magna beat 3 apexes without breaking a sweat especially my nantem which is lvl26 but fully boosted with 6 health boosts 10 attack boosts and 10 speed boosts and still got beat

A half boosted level 23 magna is going to have anywhere from 3400 - 3800 hp depending on how it’s boosted, but it’s rarely boosted with much hp. It will get 2 shotted by almost anything and potentially one shotted, so it’s pretty unbelievable that it ran through 3 apexes or whatever you’re claiming. You could basically throw anything halfway decent at it and it’s going to go down. Magnas aren’t fairing too well in this meta with all the high hp/armor creatures running around. In my experience, they go down quite easily.


And mono sucks now. Where you been?


Honestly magna is not very good.


On the contrary, what game have YOU been playing? Most people here on the forum at least seem to agree that there’s nothing OP about Magna or Monolometerodon. To put that in perspective, I’m usually one of the biggest proponents of nerfing in general that you’ll find in this community, and even I think they’re fine.

I’ll give you that theres probably a level where these two are challenging to face. But they’re never without counters or unbeatable, and they’re FAR from the most unstoppable dinos in this game (looking at you, Testa).