Magna crit% is a lie

I am almost positive that Magna’s Crit calculations formula is NOT 20% it crits even more than Thor IMO and abosolutly more than indo, tator, tryo or any other 20% crit rate. I’ve heard that from a lot of my alliance members. Is there any way to confirm?

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Mine never crits even if her life depends on it :smiley: so this myth is busted :stuck_out_tongue:


Our whole existence is one big RNG calculation. Remember that.


OP has a good point I hadn’t used it until last week until I got to l26 the thing is a crit monster now way is it 20% crit I’d say 30


Magna crits seem fine to me. Its that dang Thor that crits 90%


Add Gorgosuchus never seen crit on mine.

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Lol yeah that thing is a freak, agree on that 90% if not a tad more


My proceratho’s doge is a lie. I played the Rare strike today and dived all but two attacks, 10 rounds.

My Thor only crits when opponent has 100 or less HP left, I swear! Can’t remember the last time I crit’d a Draco :cry:

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Totally agree. I stopped using dodge and cloak against bots because it almost never works :skull:

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Mines more like 90% lol

My magna only crits when the other has like 350 health left


Mine crits in an inverse relation to how much I need it too


Mine rarely crits if at all. And yet I get popped with crits all the time from that thing. And what’s up with the crits always happening when your opponent is down to its dying breath. I don’t need it then, I needed it when it first comes out. I guess the devs thought it would be funny to code the app that way, but I’m not laughing.

so the indo problem. Always killed me until i got mine and then mine was useless hahah.

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I JUST GOT CRIT 4X IN A ROW BY MAGNA AND GOT 3 SHOTTED. and then in the next match i got crit again thats literally 5x in a row over two matches