Magna Hybrid pursuit?

Erlikospyx was nice and appreciated. Though since magna isn’t as powerful as it once was due to the health nerf and dracoceratops running around swapin’ in for the kill, would you give us a chance at leveling Magna at a slightly faster rate? I understand dime is one of the creatures to dart this week but it’s safe to say most players lack irritator although dime was also nice as it doesn’t spawn that often and I don’t live in L3. Thoughts?

18 attempts at Dime this week. Season pyro rewards in less than 2 weeks. The only one that’s truly needed is Irri. What you want is more Irri attempts again.

Yes of course. Anything that will help us level Magna a level at least.

I hope that the rat gets another nerf more than being able to level Magna lol. But yeah no one would be upset with more Irri attempts xd

They shouldn’t of nerfed Magna no one asked for that. It’s definitely in the top list for hardest dino to get and level. Yet it gets ratted by a dino That’s definitely in the tops of easiest dino to get and level. And the easiest by light years when it comes to tyrants lol. Idk what Ludia is on about.

Really no point when we have the easiest-to-get legendary killing one of the most difficult-to-get unique.

DC will get nerfed sooner or later. I don’t see it being tyrant tier forever. It will either get a hybrid and likely get nerfed like they did with monomimus or nerf him to say low apex since it’s a 1) very easy to fuse legendary and 2) all the complaints about it, Ludia will have no choice but to change or alter something which will probably be a nerf.

sancs!!! get them leveled quickly and add 6 irri to them. pyrri fuse daily.

If it gets a hybrid, depending on what it fuses with, may also be an easy-to-get Unique with OP moves again.
Hope it fuses with some arena exclusive dinos like the Angry chick or other arena exclusive birds which people cannot get DNA even from the sanctuary.