Magnaphibian Raid concept + scrambling Counter for raid

Came up with a cool concept for a raid boss, a cunning creature that distracts and uses taunt against you to target the weakest team member, forcing them to taunt and take the brunt

The boss consists of 3 rounds

download (70)

Here is what it looks like naturally after being unlocked

The two minions are the slowing based Bajadasaurus and the taunting Elasmotherium

download (60)

Finally in order to combat being affected by taunt, distraction and slow a new concept of a creature, Herrerasaurus gen 1, gen 2 and hybrids have the “scramble” ability, transfering the creatures negative status effect onto the opponent. Also they have the ability to deny the opponent the ability inflict taunt on the opponent or itself (beware, whilst this ability does not prevent your team from taunting this turn, but it will remove the taunt effect from any creatures currently taunting)

download (65)

download (66)

download (67)

Hope you enjoy, had fun making some interesting concepts


I think Weakest Link Taunt is a good idea for a boss move, but I don’t think it would be very useful for players in raids. Maybe if it targeted 2nd highest HP or something, but even then it would be very situational.