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Magnapyritor boost?

9 health, 8 damage, 13 speed. Seems magna isn’t nearly as effective when he’s slower, but he also could use a bit of a health and damage buff.

I’m only in aviary so not sure what to expect at higher arenas, 13 boosts puts it at 154 speed I believe, which puts it out of range of the choppers but are cunning all walking around at 160+speed?

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@Country_Cruiser it depends in library (I’m 5300-5400) most fierce are very fast along with most resilients so speed is necessary but you also need the bulk to take a couple of hits as well as good attack. So best to make an all around balanced build. Here is my magna as an example its lvl 28 6/9/13

You also want to make it fast to counter other cunnings such as Monolometrodon, spxs, rinex, and indo.

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I am in the aviary/library and the average speed I see and have is 142-146 speed. So not to much speed is needed, while I have seen plenty at higher speeds. That’s the average. The normal hp and attack I see for a magna is 4500 and 1700 ish. So if you there. Yours should be a beast!

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I can put a pic of mine here, it does well against others but once a creature is quicker it’s a 2 shot kill.

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Awesome looking creature, thats about the same build I’m ultimately planning

Exactly, it seems like he loses alot of ability when he’s slower, but I hate to overkill speed at the cost of health,damage. Thinking of trying to use him as a closer, use some tanks to get rid of their speedster and then have a 154 magna as a surprise last contender, maybe get that speed advantage at the end of matches.

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Usually when I use mine it’s near the end of the match and it’s again some health tank. So damage and hp is wise

again, not super OP but she’s far from weak. Plus I have other cunnings (phosora, erlikospyx, utarinx) that can get the job done to.

In Gyro Magna slowly disappearing from teams. Most creatures can get it into swap in range. Wouldn’t recommend boosting it.

It’s basically a revenge killer now.


Yeah I wouldn’t recommend this build less hp for attack maybe but its what I’m stuck with. At low gyro and high library and yeah magna slowly is becoming a liability but what can i do? Anything that i put in there unboosted will just get slapped to oblivion.

Same for me. Around 5400-5600 and magnapyritor is going out of the team at the next boost reset.

In the last unique tourney i also noticed tryko struggling but that could of just been me.