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MagnaPyritor DSS why?


Ok so people have cover the fact that this Unique is really hard to get and pretty much useless. What I wanna know is, is there ever a reason to use Defence shattering strike? The only situation I can think of is against a Tragodistis with Invincibility up? This will do 10% more damage so just over 100 damage depending on level. Why is this even a move?


the same reason why trex and thoradola has dss as well while they can simply move between dsi and dsr: because every dino needs a basic attack

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Mmm seems lazy. Include Trex and Thor also then.


i think it is not lazy. i see it as a future of possibilities. think about it.


I am thinking about it. That’s the point, yes there are are future opportunities that could already be in place.


I like when trex Thor and indom use their basic attack’s, so humiliating(visually).


indom might actually be forced to it if they use cloak then impact then rampage

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