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Magnapyritor, is it worth it?

Continuing on from my Tenontorex; is it worth it? , and my Is utarinex even worth unlocking? now comes the magnapyritor

is this unique worth the time and effort, or will it all be for nothing?

  • Unlock magna
  • Unlock magna and put on team once it’s at team level
  • Forget about magna

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she is a great creature to have. but like most speedsters, suffers in this boost iteration as she needs all 3 stats to stay competitive.
She is a big threat to tryko and thor. and can defeat an already sped up indo g2 (as long as magna’s base speed is higher than indo’s)

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Love Magna.
Been thinking bout changin him up after reset tho. I’ve had him boosted in all 3, but been thinkin bout goin only health/attack. Usually not fast enough to outspeed the speedsters… so I’m thinkin of makin him a pure damage-dealer.


It’s a monster and I’m trying to unlock it…

A cool idea but Magna can be pretty brittle so 15/15/0?

The Magnas I fear the most are 0/20/10 (or close to it). They can one shot you if faster, take huge chunks out of Max and Gemini, and outspeed most stuff that way. Yes, they’re brittle but base health (4558 @ 30) is enough to take a hit, two if they’re distracted.

My Magna is 5/6/12 and still gets out speed by lots of stuff in gyrosphere. Its one of my favorites I usually roll it out 2nd.

Mine is currently 5/11/13.
If I do change, it’ll likely be 5/20/5

Really 5 speed if you stay below 140 or 150 in reality why put speed in at all? There will still be nitro Thors running around is my guess. I would then treat it like Tryko and 0 speed and go 10/20/0.