Magnapyritor love

So, the 1.5 update came with a lot of exciting new changes, that’s for sure. Many dinos got a well deserved buff, but still, no love for Magna, the probably hardest creature to create in the game. Many have said how the unique felt underwhelming in the meta. So here come some suggestions for a possible buff:

  • More HP. Magna is slower than pyrritator, while having the same amount of health. Like that it can’t survive too long against faster opponents or even tanks despite the good damage. If it is supposed to be frail as a raptor, then it would be best to buff the speed.
  • Give it its parent move, distracting rampage instead of armor piercing impact, that is sure to help with survivability. Even with that buff, it would still be countered by some imune and ss dinos, making it balanced and not too op.
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