Magnapyritor needs a buff preferably before 1.6

This latest update was overall pretty great in terms of buffs and nerfs. The SS overhaul was a breath of fresh air in my opinion. Both Tryko and mimus got the buffs and nerfs they deserved. I’d argue draco2 was the only “what were you thinking Ludia" change. But that’s an entirely different topic…

Overall, the changes brought more balance to the game.

However Magnapyritor was just lost and forgotten. It didn’t receive a buff or nerf, but because of this neglect is in far worse shape than it was in 1.4. Considering the work and money it takes to level this guy up with how rare imitator dna is, you’d think this guy would be tyrant status. There are a number of dinos now that straight up destroy magna. Spinotasuchus, Erlidominus, Dilracheirus, Monomimus (even after losing all the HP) and indoraptor just to name a few.

His health is so low and is slower than most of these relevant dinos that it’s extremely hard to find a niche for him. These are two solutions that I suggest.

Option A) Keep his health and damage where it’s at, but boost his speed to 130. He’d still be incredibly vulnerable, but being 130 would make that compromise a bit more fair.
Option B) Boost his speed to 129 so he matches the other 129 meta dinos, and also increase his health a couple hundred HP so he can compete a bit better.

Be it one of these two suggestions or something else entirely, something needs to be done.



I just unlocked Magna today after about 30 or so battles with him finding that HP & speed extremely lacklustre. The journey palls in comparison with the creature :confounded:




and as soon it’s buffed it will be nerfed on next update.

I totally agree with Magna buff with either of the 2 as posted by original posterc. And how about changing Armor Piercing Impact to Distracting Impact? I think magna deserves to inherit this from its parent (Pyrritator) . #Prayformagna


Give it distracting impact or distracting rampage instead of armor pierecing impact. Pyrritator had that, manga should have it as well.

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Why it didnt inherit more HP from the start… il never know. Dime at lvl 20 has nearly as much as magna at 26.

I agree magna deserves buff but I don’t wanna see that happen mid 1.5. I want it to happen when 1.6 arrives

should add these:

pyrritator’s speed 129 / distracting rampage

dimetrodon’s health


It’s such a shame as the Dino looks next level cool!

my idea of magna buff

speed: 129
health: +500~600
nullifying impact > crit or distracting impact
piercing impact > shattering impact

I saved and worked so hard to get it. Refusing to believe it was that bad. I unlocked it, battled a bunch of times with it and wow its very bad. Swapped monomimus back in for it and has been much better.

Agreed. I’ll cry until they buff it. Hey it worked for tryko. Maybe trade API for a distracting move, it would survive for longer that way.

*I think boosting its speed to “only” 129 wouldn’t be enough, simply because it’s soo much harder to make than 100% of the other 129 Dinos.
it’s guaranteed to still be slower b.c of the fact that it will be underleveled in comparison

My vote: (option A) Speed to 130, with an HP boost.
I’m pretty content with the moveset but an addition/change to include distraction couldn’t hurt


Speaking of 1.6, It’s almost been a month since 1.5 came out!

Let’s hope not

Agreed, that would be amazing. An ideal buff in my opinion would be 3600 HP, 129 speed and distracting impact over API.