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Magnapyritor needs a HP buff

For a Unique who is so hard to create and level up (thanks to Irritator), Magna is quite underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I love this Dino. She looks amazing, good speed, good move set but her health sucks! It has the lowest HP out of all the other Uniques but is one of the hardest to create.

Even other low HP dinos have a way of mitigating the damage they recieve, whether it be by distraction or dodging. Magna has nothing. She gets killed in 2 hits by pretty much any Dino equal to her level and sadly judging by the patch notes she gets no love this upcoming patch. I think Magna deserves a decent boost to her HP pool. This will help her become more relevant in this upcoming patch and make her as hard as the ingredients needed to create her.

This approach seemed to work for Tryko, so I’m doing the same for Magna. I will stamp my feet and cry and shout until I get my HP buff!


I think its hp is actually fine, if they up his speed to 130

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Knowing Ludia. They are more interested to nerd dinos. Not buff.

I agree, wasted all pyrritator dna in pyrritator to 23 instead create magna cause he suck lol, he can be oneshoted by cleasing impact of 29 30 indoraptor(what everybody have in top 100 rank) , perhaps magna shine at lvl 30 but atm is imposible for 99% people level him to that lvl

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You’re absolutely right, so many people have high levelled indoraptors. Mines only 26, but could still one shot my lvl 21 magnapyritor. The components are really hard to acquire, that should reflect at how good the Dino is… But sadly at the minute, it doesnt.

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I totally agree with the HP thing, I mean it’s slower than pyrritator but has the same HP, while the parent dimetrodon got loads of it. Man come on, a creature so hard to create should be very good in battle. Alternatively, I think it would be a good idea if it had inherited the distracting rampage from its parent pyrritator, instead of Armor Piercing Impact, it would help a lot with survivability.


Magna absolutely needs a buff, if their reasoning for the Monomimus nerf was that the components were too easily attainable for it’s stats, then Magna should be given the 900 health they took from it because that thing crumbles like a wet piece of paper if you even look at it the wrong way. He’s arguably the hardest dino in the game to acquire and level up. He needs a complete overhaul to compete with this new 129 meta.


Yay they’ve done it!


they’ve undone it!

and they lied:

i past the last year trying to unlock magna, and now it’s useless. my lvl 20 unboosted monostego is better.

magna is one of the hardest unique to unlock/lvl, and got a nerf in the same text explanation telling us harder dna needs a buff. did i miss a point?

(yes, i’m rising this topic)


I’ve got a lvl 29 boosted 5 across but I pulled it from the team. Mine would rarely crit and was being taken out easily with that sewer rat. I only run two uniques now with some legendary and epics to keep the battles at a decent matchmaking level. Sad all the work we put into our dinos that we have to resort to benching the star players to compete.


i wish i could take it off your hands… :drooling_face:

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Is its HP now worse, better or the same as it was before that buff?

I wish i knew. I barely brought Magna on my team shortly before the nerf, so it was new to me at that time. I lost 600 HP with the nerf though because of boosts. I think it lost around 400 HP from the base health.

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I think we should keep bumping the thread so they notice. It doesn’t make sense Magna, one of the hardest uniques to unlock and level up, is rather weak with regards to its health. Its moveset is great. It’s the health that makes it too fragile. And it’s not just DC the problem. Erlidominus for example one shots it since it has the speed advantage. It loses also to tryko now. Like it’s still strong against other dinos but weak at the same time considering it’s so hard to level.


I found it here… the HP is still a little better than it was when this topic was created at least… But I understand the pain of those who use it.

The truth is that it wouldn’t feel so weakened if it wasn’t for the rat… agaaain the rat… All of the low health but superstrong uniques that we grind so much to create are mostly rat baits today.

Magna is slower, does less damage, and is way harder to unlock than all of the chickens, and it has basically the same amount of health as them? That’s absurd. The magna nerf was easily one of the lamest and most unnecessary parts of 1.8. Please Ludia, make one of the hardest uniques to unlock good again. I’m seriously considering benching it for dilorach.


Distracting rampage would mean a delay, which is an instant nerf and would probably be Magna’s ticket out of tyrant tier.

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My Magna is level 30 with t8 health and it still feels like it needs more health. T10 wouldn’t even be sufficient since the next tiers offer so little.


Also, two of its components, irritator and pyrritator, got an attack increase this update. But magna didn’t…

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