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Magnapyritor Preview - JWA Battles Previews

Magnapyritor, Latin for Great Fire, is a hybrid of the Pyroraptor, Irritator, and the famous synapsid Dimetrodon. Magnapyritor has the intelligence of the raptor it hybridized with, the stockiness of the dimetrodon, and I guess the Irritator offers besides size and a greater bite force. Weighing in usually around half a ton, or 1000-1200 pounds, and somehow reaching speeds of 20 MPH, and with a bite force of around 750 pounds, Magnapyritor is actually quite the foe to come across.

Ok, that’s enough Magna talk. Come back tomorrow when we go over Magnapyritor’s mildly similar opponent, Dimetrocarnus.


Oh, and yes, Dimetrocarnus is just Magna with Carnotaurus instead of Irritator. It’s a JWTG Superhybrid and I know that breaks the title of the series, but I thought it’d be fun.