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Magnapyritor: The Forgotten Unique

In recent patches, Ludia has done a phenomenal job in bringing balance to the game as far as dinosaurs abilities/powers go, distributing and modifying where necessary. However, there’s one dinosaur that has been receiving a lot of buzz for Ludia’s attention lack thereof: Magnapyritor

Magnapyritor has been virtually untouched for as long as i can remember, and with upgrades made to many Uniques AND Legendaries in the last few months (Introduction of Diloracheirus, Monomimus, buffs to Spinotasuchus, Utarinex, Erlidominus, etc.) Magna’s been left on the backburner. For a dinosaur that’s as difficult (in my opinion, the most difficult) as Magnapyritor to create & power up it, it started in this game as one of the best Uniques, even dinosaurs, in the game to currently at the bottom of Uniques to use, which is sad because it’s such an awesome dinosaur with a great kit lacking in minor ways, so I have some ideas that may provide a solution to bring Magna back to its glory.

Solution A: Up Magna’s speed to 129 with a 15% health increase.
When Magna 1st came out, it was considered one of the fastest dinos in the game, but it’s become quite outclassed in that department and the dinosaurs that can outspeed it can also 1-shot it (i’m looking at you Spinotasuchus & Erlidominus). Doesn’t really give Magna much a fighting chance, becomes a HIGHLY situational dinosaur. Upping Magna’s speed to 129 would give it a chance among the “speedster” dinos like it was always known to be so it’s priority would be determined on level difference. Coming from Dimetrodon (3990 health) & Irritator (4800 health) ingredients, Magnapyritor comes in with a frail 3000 health!!! Pyrritator, a raptor, has the exact same health!! how has this gone unnoticed/been considered ok?? Give Magna a 15-20% health increase, for pete’s sake! “…with the sturdy defensive make - up of the Dimetrodon” that’s in its’ description. What sturdiness?! Haha thats laughable.

Solution B: Leave Magna’s health alone, up speed to 130.
When I always thought of Magnapyritor, I imagine Ludia had a no holds kamikaze dinosaur that could pierce through any defense in mind, which Magna certainly has the kit to show for it. But, as addressed earlier Magna finds itself in situations where it will get shutdown before it can even get started. So, why not make the kamikaze devil the highest speed dinosaur amongst the highest of rarities. Give it 130 speed. Though frail, Magna would get its’ opportunity to unleash its potential it was intended to have from the getgo.

Other ideas: Change Armor Piercing Impact for Distracting Impact (or Rampage), Increase damage by 5-10%

Moral of the post: For being one of the hardest dinosaurs to obtain and at the state of where the game is currently at, Magnapyritor needs a serious reassesment. Unquestionably its’ health and/or speed.


Totally agreed.

Agreed. Either option would make me happy. I also support giving him distracting impact instead of his API on both options.


Nice write up. I’ve wanted to create magna since I’ve started playing. But I’m holding off because it’s health is way too low and ingredients to level are hard to come by. I’ve one shotted far too many to even consider an underleveled one on my team. It needs more health speed distract or all of the above.

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My opinion is as follows:

Magna can be 1 shot by many dinos…such as spinotasuchus, utarinex, thor, erlidominus (before cloaked), and many others… He is definitely a poor beauty!

In terms of buffing, I would suggest Health to match that of Monolometrodon, a legendary with similar move set and his DNAs are MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to obtain.

As to speed and attack, obviously, former at least up to 129, and change Defense Shattering Strike to Distracting Rampage, respectively, in order to respect his mother–Pyrritator.

In addition, Armor Piercing Impact, its cool down period 2 is too long compared to other fierce unique creatures. Their big bite only cools down for 1 turn.

Also, Damage 1702, could be kind of obsolete. We can see many uniques’ Damage stats have been increased by some 2% to 5% in recent update. So magna’s Damage may get some buff accordingly.


Totally agree! A much needed buff is necessary to reflect the rarity and how difficult it is to create/level up.

Speed 130, 15-20% health boost and change the API to Distracting Rampage (As pyrritator has 2 rampages this makes sense) this will make her a force to be feared and respected.


This is just fitting for Magna. Either of the above will be ok . But personally, I prefer speed to 130.


Agree, I love how it looks like so much but it’s so useless in current meta. I’d love to see it strong again


Being as it’s so hard to obtain and level up it needs to be 130 speed and needs a distracting move.


129s and 15% more health would be awesome. also change api for dsi(cooldown 1 instead of api cooldown 2) would be perfect then.


Magna is unquestionably the hardest creature in the game to make…

To the point that if you haven’t been playing since launch, maxed out all your irritator events, and gotten lucky With or paid to speed up your incubators, you probably don’t have a shot in heck* at this Dino.

The sad thing is, magna has been obsolete since the very first update. It’s health is magnitudes lower than that of its underleveled ingredients and for what should be an upgrade, the value of this creature just isn’t there.

I’ve unlocked magna and had to bench it almost immediately… and the worst part is, you can’t even level it up as quickly as you would the other uniques.

For what is the #1 most difficult Dino to get in the game, you’ve given us a dud Ludia. A reconfiguration of this “unique” is long over-due.

At this point, it’s not deserving of the title Magna


I agree with @Legomin1314, the speed has to be 130. 129 is insufficient considering there are so many 129 dinos that are much easier to make and level up.

A health boost is obvious.

Moveset: up for debate


Mine is unlocked and unused also. Sad when a common Dino that is everywhere is way more valuable than a unique that takes months of grinding to create

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Agreed. I like the first solution.

I agree with what you say, but with the 129 speed, magna will not get very far even with the buff, you need, at least, 130 if or if to avoid most enemies

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The more I think of it, the more 130 on Magna feels fitting

The 130 would suit it quite well

I agree, but this is the kind of thing that should have been done from the start. If they do something like this to magna, imagine all the people that have over-levelled tryostronix, etc.

This habit of creating a dino one way, having it run it’s course for months and having people allocate their resources, DNA, etc. accordingly and then turning it into something completely different has to stop. Altough this is the kind of thing ludia would do… Wait until everyone uses all their dimetrodon to get their 26 tryostronix, then be like "thanks for the coins, but look what we did to magna now :money_mouth_face: "


I have started to come up against this, it looks awesome but I have taken it out with 1 shot from Tryo. In a friendly I hit it and swapped to D2 and took it out at 26 also. It’s too hard to make for it to be a glass cannon.

Magna is one of the hardest uniques in the game to acquire… being dependent on DNA that’s only available in incubators and special events.

That said Magna should have more health Or should be faster 130… either change would be fine with me In its current state it makes a nice decoration in “My Collection”.

If Ludia made a minor adjustment to Magna it would be really fun.

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