Magnapyritor tier

Would you all consider her tyrant level in 1.8 still? She had been for so long…I just created her finally but am not certain about using her - especially at a low level.

Here’s what I’m working with now -

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Better than indor for sure. Many put more boosts into her than others so if you prepare for that you should be good. Magna is also a draco magnet so boosting health is important.

I agree , it’s health is now so low that the rat will gobble it up in one shot , so it’s vital to boost it .
You will also need to be sure you get to use it first so get it’s speed up too .
Since the massive nerf in 1.8 it’s certainly not what it was , sadly .

I don’t think it’s tyrant anymore. It had a ton of potential to be great in 1.8 until it took that hard health nerf.

It’s still an amazing Dino, mine is 6/6/5 at 27 and still kicks butt. It is far more vulnerable to the rat yes which is why I try to keep mine in reserve. If it wasn’t for Draco I’d say he’d still be tyrant as he still beats almost everything else 1v1.


I prefer the rat taking out my magna at the beginning and being a sitting duck for my next dino. Rather than taking out my last dino and winning the match.


Magna is still good but more situational now. It can’t just come out at any time and start the massacre like before. More thought is required now. The nerf was a bit harsh. My Magna is level 28 and tier 7/7/6 and I’m racing to level it up just to give it a fair shot in the arena. It suddenly feels like a baby even though it’s one of my most boosted dinos. And the next tiers aren’t really worth the amount they cost until my whole team is tier 7. With all of that said, if i could reset boosts and put them on any 8 dinos, i would still use Magna. Its good but can seem like its not against the right dinos. But that can be said about any dino.


if opponetnt dont have the rat,jhe woudl’nt counter it properly…50% chance to take a HUGE advantage.
If opponent have rat…you loose 1 dino

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Thanks everyone

I still enjoy using it. I never know what the meta dinos arevother than seeing what others use. Mine isn’t stat boosted, none of mine are for the record.


offtopic but have you put brutus in a sanc yet and how much sp is it giving?

Magna is still very good. I still use it at 5650 trophies at only level 25 with tier 6/6/6 boosts, much better than my lv 30 indoraptor with tier 5/5/5 boosts.

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